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NEPHELOstar Plus – Microplate reader

The world’s first and only laser-based nephelometer microplate meter was developed to meet the high throughput demand for rapid screening of solutes. NEPHELOstar ® Plus detects insoluble particles in liquid samples by measuring front-scattered light and can be used for turbidity measurement, drug solubility screening, protein binding kinetics, microbial growth and petroleum process control.

NEPHELOstar Plus is a microplate nephelometer with a high-intensity laser diode. It can be up to thirty times more sensitive than a traditional optical density reader to measure the reduction of light directly passing through the sample well. Thanks to its speed, flexibility and performance, NEPHELOstar  Plus allows more applications to be tailored to microplate-based laser measurement than ever before.
  • Adjustable laser intensity and beam diameter
  • Measurements in microplate format up to 384 wells
  • Incubation mode up to 45°C or 60°C
  • Shake in linear, orbital, and double trajectories
  • Nozzle high precision with simultaneous injection and reagent detection
  • Microplate Stacker  and compatible with robots
  • Easy integration into automation systems
Feature Specifications
Nephelometry (scattering of light).
Measurement modes Endpoint reaction methods and kinetics
Microplate form Up to 384 wells
Microplate holder Compatible with Robots
Light source Self-monitoring laser diode.
Wavelength 635 ± 10 nm.Stability <0.2% deviation. Lifetime 20,000 hours.Power: 1 mW.Selectable beam width: 1.5 to 3.5mm.Intensity can 0-100% selection.Scatter angle: detects cone angle up to 80°.
Probe Photodiode detector
wavelength Photodiodes.
Wavelength 635 ± 10 nm.
Sensitivity Depends on particle size and fluid properties.
Detects silica (particle size 0.5 to 10 µm) 800 nM. Dynamic range: 5 decades Maximum counting rate (2,000,000 Relative Turbidity Units (RNU) per second).
Reading time Depends on test conditions and liquid surface stability.
Shortest possible time: 16 seconds (96 wells), 47 seconds (384 wells).
Shake mode Linear, orbital, double-orbital, customizable time and speed.
Gas system The system injects atmosphere or vacuum into the reader.
Annealing mode +4°C above ambient up to 45°C or 60°C
The upper heating plate of the annealing chamber operates at a temperature 0.5°C higher than the lower plate. This prevents steam build-up on the lid or sealing gasket
Software Includes Multi-user Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis Software.
Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 44 cm x 48 cm x 32cm (WxDxH)
Mass 28 kg
Reagent injection unit Up to 2 reagent injectors are built-in.
Inject at measuring site (6 to 384-well).Individual injection volume per well (3 to 500 µL). Variable injection rate up to 420 µL/s.
Up to four injections per well.
Remove reagents


  • Screening for drug solubility, dissolved substances
  • Protein binding dynamics
  • Check for microbial growth
  • Oil process control
  • Evaluation of the concentration of particles to describe water quality