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SPECTROstar Nano – Microplate reader

BMG LABTECH’s state-of-the-art absorption microplate reader has the flexibility to perform tests quickly and easily in either sample or via the integrated cuvette port. This spectrometer-based absorption microplate reader  captures the entire UV/visible spectrum in less than 1 second/well. Speed, simple push-button operation and the ability to store individual test protocols make SPECTROstar ® Nano  the leading microplate reader for absorbance measurements.

SPECTROstar Nano is equipped with BMG LABTECH’s ultra-fast UV/vis spectrometer, which allows users to measure absorbance (220 – 1000 nm) in less than 1 second per well. It is the ideal tool for reading all absorbance tests in a single plate or cuvette – with many common test procedures predefined and available with just one click.
  • High speed absorbance measurements
  • In-plate measurements up to 1536 wells
  • Built-in cuvette port
  • LVis . plate compatibility
  • Annealing mode up to 45°C
  • Multiple OptionsShake
  • Scan wells with up to 900 data points per well
  • Easy integration into automation systems
Feature Specifications
Detection mode
UV/vis . absorption spectrum
Measurement modes Endpoint reaction methods and kinetics
Spectral scanning (absorbance)Well scanning
Microplate form 6 to 1536-well
plates LVis plate with 16 low-volume microspots (2 μL).
Microplate holder Compatible with Robots
Light source High-energy xenon flash
Probe CCD . sensor
Wavelength selection UV/Vis Absorption Spectrophotometer.
Full spectrum or 8 separate wavelengths with time <1 s/well.
Spectral band From 220 – 1000 nm; wavelength accuracy: ≤ 0.5 nm.
Sensitivity Selectable wavelength spacing: 1, 2, 5 and 10 nm.
OD range: value 0 to 4 OD; min value: 0.001 OD. Accuracy: <1% at 2 OD.Precision: <0.5% at 1 OD and <0.8% at 2 OD.Linearity: ≤ 0.8 % at 2.0 OD.
Reading time Wavelength from 220 to 1000 nm for less than 1 second/well.
Shake Linear, orbital, double-orbital, customizable time and speed.
Filter the air The system injects atmosphere or vacuum into the reader.
Annealing mode +3°C from ambient up to 45°C
The upper heating plate of the annealing chamber operates at a temperature 0.5°C higher than the lower plate. This prevents steam build-up on the lid or sealing gasket
Software Includes Multi-user Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis Software.
Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 36 cm x 50 cm x 16 cm
Mass 10 kg


  • 260/280 ratio measurement for DNA and RNA, purity assessment
  • Protein quantification
  • Cell tests
  • Enzyme activity test
  • Kinetic studies of the transformation of porphyrin
  • Protein determination by Bradford test
  • Monitor bacterial growth