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Axiovert 5 – Inverted Microscope for Cell Culture and Research

Axiovert 5 brings smart microscopy into your cell culture lab. All you need to do is focus on your samples and workflow. Simply push Snap to get crisp images for documentation. Use all standard contrasting techniques in transmitted light and combine them with multichannel fluorescence. You can even use Axiovert 5 as a standalone and save your images on USB. No extra computer or software needed.

  • Be smart. Simply focus and snap to get excellent images.
  • Stay flexible. Use all standard contrasting techniques.
  • Relax. Clever features make your work easier.

Be smart

Axiovert 5 delivers excellent results with fast time to image. Simply focus your sample and press a single button to save a crisp image of your cell or tissue culture. For transmitted light and multichannel fluorescence images, this smart microscope automatically adjusts the settings and parameters for you. The overlayed multichannel fluorescence image, including a scale bar, will be saved in the image file metadata.

Go for a Future-Proof Cell Culture Microscope

From routine cell culture to research, Axiovert 5 fits seamlessly into your lab and workflow.
Various contrasting techniques – DIC, iHMC and phase contrast as well as multichannel fluorescence – open up a huge diversity of applications. Should your work requirements change, Axiovert 5 will adapt, too.

With upgradeable hardware or software, this smart microscope will always remain your reliable lab partner.


Axiovert 5 supports you throughout your daily work. Just keep your eye on your sample: you can access all the main controls with one hand. The Light Manager provides uniform brightness at all magnifications, eliminating manual adjustments to the lamp intensity when you’re changing objectives. To increase the speed and reliability of your cell procedures even more, opt for the AI Cell Confluency and AI Cell Counting modules in Labscope. You’ll get instant, reproducible information on your cells.

Capture Four Fluorescence Channels. With Just One Click

Combine Axiovert 5 with the high-performance LED light source Colibri 3 and any ZEISS microscope camera will give you the perfect setup for easy multichannel fluorescence documentation. Switch effortlessly between the channels for UV, blue, green and red excitation and press Snap. The system will then take over and automatically adjust the exposure time, acquire the image, switch the channel and start again. That’s it: you get your overlayed multichannel fluorescence image, including a scale bar.