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Xradia Ultra – Nanoscale X-ray Imaging

Synchrotron X-ray nanotomography enables non-destructive 3D imaging at the nanoscale but you have to apply for very limited beamtime. What if you didn’t have to wait for synchrotron time anymore? Imagine if you had synchrotron capabilities in your own lab. With the ZEISS Xradia Ultra family, you have 3D non-destructive X-ray microscopes (XRM) at hand that deliver nano-scaled resolution with synchrotron-like quality. Choose between two models: both ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra and ZEISS Xradia 800 Ultra are tailored to gain optimum image quality for your most frequently-used applications.

  • Non-destructive imaging in native environment​
  • Nanoscale 3D X-ray imaging  at a spatial resolution down to 50 nm and 16 nm voxel sizes
  • 3D and 4D in situ experiments
  • Quantification of nanostructures and using the data for modelling input
  • Exploring hard and soft materials 

Supercharge Your Research with Non-destructive Nanoscale Imaging​

  • Harness unique non-destructive imaging to observe nanoscale phenomena in their native environments in 3D. ​
  • Benefit from the only instrument that fills the gap between sub-micron resolution XRMs (such as ZEISS Xradia Versa) and higher resolution, but destructive 3D imaging e.g., FIB-SEMs.​
  • Use integrated in situ solutions to perform leading non-destructive 3D / 4D X-ray imaging in your laboratory, with a resolution down to 50 nm and a voxel size of 16 nm. ​
  • Accelerate your research by adding these unique capabilities to your analytical portfolio.

Achieve Superior Contrast and Image Quality

  • Observe defects in 3D without destroying your sample or altering the data with slicing artifacts. ​
  • Reveal details with highest contrast and image quality using absorption and Zernike phase contrast. Combine data from both modes to reveal features that one single contrast could never have achieved. ​
  • Both Xradia 810 Ultra and Xradia 800 Ultra are geared towards optimum image quality for your most frequently-used applications. Which version is best for you depends on the material type for which you want optimal contrast, throughput and material penetration.​
  • Benefit from nanoscale X-ray imaging with synchrotron-like capabilities when using Xradia Ultra.

Extend the Boundaries of Your Lab

  • Gain a new level of understanding with synchrotron-like capabilities. Remove barriers to access at synchrotrons facilities. Obtain equivalent nanoscale 3D insights on your schedule in your own lab. ​
  • Perform 4D and in situ studies never possible before with lab-based imaging. ​
  • Carry out in situ mechanical, thermal, electrochemical and environmental testing.​
  • Use correlative workflows and connect to other modalities (e.g., ZEISS Xradia Versa, ZEISS Crossbeam, analytics). Serve a broad range of imaging facility users with a streamlined user interface, including a dedicated Python API.