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Primostar 1 – Binocular Tube Microscope

ZEISS Primostar 1 for Education and Teaching Robust, easy-to-use, quality optics and above all, affordable: educational microscopes must have special requirements. ZEISS Primostar 1 meets them all. Primostar 1 focuses on the essentials. This teaching microscope is optimized for bright field microscopy of stained samples in the life sciences. Primostar 1 comes as a fixed-package microscope with Fixed-Koehler illumination. Simply plug in and start your discoveries. For sustainable use, Primostar 1 is made of high quality materials and focusseson energy-saving LED illumination. Precision makes teaching with Primostar1 effective and your choice a highly economical investment. Additional plus:5 year warranty are guaranteed.

  • Ready-to-use package – simply plug in and start working.
  • Have full control: blue light intensity display on both sides of the stand act as important control function over all microscopes in the course room: for control by the educator and quick control of the light intensity by the users.
  • For right-hand practice: Operate the stage drive with the right hand and use the focus drive with your left hand.
  • Rackless stage and stage cover for your safety and comfort
  • For longevity: robust and short stage drive with easy-to read scales
  • A must-have: high standards in material selection: the microscopes consist mainly out of metal
  • Form follows function: the design combines aesthetics with maximum functionality
  • Height adjustable Siedentopf tube with 30° and Field of View 20 mm
  • Siedentopf tube: adjustment of the individual eye relief in a wide range from 48 mm to 75 mm
  • Objectives and eyepieces are theft-protected
  • Anti fungus treatment of objectives
  • Accessory: Plan-Achromat 100× / 1.25 Oil
  • LED lifetime: 25,000 hrs


  • Objectives:

Plan-Achromat 4x/0.1 – WD: 6.50 mm

Plan-Achromat 10x/0.25 – WD: 4.39 mm

Plan-Achromat 40x/0.65 – WD: 0.48 mm

Plan-Achromat 100x/1.25 – WD: 0.13 mm

  • Optical system: Color-corrected infinity optics
  • Parfocal distance: 45 mm
  • Tube length: 180 mm
  • Two stand variant: Fixed-Koehler
  • Magnifications: 40x to 1000x for visual observation
  • Eyepiece tubes: Swiveling Siedentopf tube with upper and lower position, upper position offers approx. 40 mm extra viewing height, Adjustable interpupillary distance: 48 mm-75 mm, Tube can be rotated 360º, 30º viewing angle (ergonomic angle), Binocular tube
  • Eyepieces: WF 10x/18 Br. foc., WF 10x/20 Br. foc., Eyepiece pointer can be retrofitted
  • Nosepiece:4x, inclined backwards, 4x, reversed
  • Condenser: Abbe condenser 0.9/1.25 Holder for phase contrast and darkfield sliders, field view 18 mm (Fixed-Koehler)
  • Area of stage: w x d: 140 mm x 135 mm
  • Travel range: w x d: 75 mm x 30 mm
  • Z-drives Fine drive: 0.3 mm/rot., Coarse drive: 4 mm/rot., Total travel range: 15 mm

Illumination: LED (3 W/6 V, roughly corresponding to brightness of 20 W HAL)