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LSM 900 – Confocal Microscope with Airyscan 2

Your Compact Confocal for Gentle Multiplex Imaging and Smart Analysis

To pursue your scientific questions, you want only the best data quality. In microscopy, this translates into the best contrast and resolution while maintaining minimum light exposure.

LSM 900, your compact confocal microscope, provides this with components optimized to deliver the best imaging results.

  • Get high-end confocal imaging in a small footprint.
  • Improve any confocal experiment with LSM Plus.
  • Push super-resolution and speed with Airyscan 2.
  • Increase your productivity with AI Sample Finder.

Airyscan 2 in Multiplex mode can acquire up to four superresolution image lines with high SNR in a single sweep.

LSM 900 Airyscan SR Multiplex SR-2Y Multiplex SR-4Y Multiplex CO-2Y
Parallelization 1 2 4 2
Resolution 120/120 140/140 140/140 Confocal or better
Max. fps at max. field of view 0.4 0.8 3.5 3.5
Antibody labelling, fine structures +++++ ++++ ++++ ++
Antibody labelling, tiling ++ +++ +++++ +++
Live cell imaging ++ +++ ++++ +++++