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Axioscan 7 – Automatic Slide Scanner for Geology

Digitize, Quantify, Collaborate with Your Unique Automated Petrographic Microscope

Digitize your thin sections with Axioscan 7 – the reliable, reproducible way to create high quality, digitized petrography data in transmitted and reflected light. Uniquely designed for petrographic analysis, the Axioscan 7 Geo combines unique motorized polarization acquisition modes with unprecedented speed and a rich software ecosystem for visualization, analysis, and collaboration.

  • Swiftly digitize massive collections
  • Acquire complete petrographic data
  • Collaborate with your virtual petrographic microscope

Digitize complete petrographic information from massive sample collections at unprecedented speed

Digitize geological samples in multiple image modalities using optimized high speed multichannel acquisition to generate a data rich description of your sample. A motorized polarizer and an analyzer turret create a virtual rotatable stage with respect to a fixed sample. This allows assessment of characteristic pleochroism and birefringence in plane and cross polarized light respectively. Circular polarization is also available, showing maximum possible birefringence in a sample for mineral identification and image analysis needs.

Collaborate without borders with a virtual petrographic microscope

Upload acquired data to cloud platforms, allowing for global image storage and transfer alongside intuitive collaboration. Digitize entire collections to allow for online and remote teaching. Integrate this data into existing courses to enable virtual field-trips, supporting and augmenting traditional modes of learning.

ZEISS Predictive Service Maximizes System Uptime Once connected to your network and activated, this advanced technology will automatically track the health status of your instrument and collect system log files in the background to improve remote diagnosis. Relevant technical data such as operating hours, cycle counts or voltages are periodically monitored via a secure connection to our data center. The ZEISS Predictive Service application evaluates the performance of your microscope as system data can be received and analyzed. Our support engineers will diagnose any issues by analyzing data on the Enterprise Server – remotely and without interruption to your operation.