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THEMOstar – Smart Microplate Incubator (Accessories for Microplate Readers)

THEMOstar is a high performance microplate incubator and orbital shaker for up to four microsamples. It can be used for any enzyme or cell based assay that requires homogeneous and controlled incubation and/or efficient mixing.
Microprocessor controlled heating plates above and below the microplates ensure outstanding temperature accuracy and uniformity throughout the plate, providing a constant temperature of up to 56°C in steps <0.6°C.
Temperature, shaking speed and incubation time are easily programmed via the keypad and all status parameters are displayed on the LCD in real time.

· High performance orbital incubator and shaker
· Control of temperature, RPM and incubation time
· Capacity up to 04 microplates
· Annealing up to 56°C in 0.6°C steps
· Heating plates above and below the micro plates for uniform temperature

Incubate Annealing range from +8°C above ambient to 45°C (56°C option) in 0.6°C steps
Temperature stability ±0.2°C
Temperature gradient <0.6°C on plate
Time set point < 20 minutes from 25°C to 37°C
Shake Orbital radius 0.7 mm
Shaking range from 120 – 700 rpm
Shake time
Range: 0 – 100 hours in 1s steps
Continuous shaking – no time limit
Wattage Up to 4 microplates
Maximum microplate size: Width 8.9 cm x Length 13.3 cm x Height 2.3 cm
Humidity Up to 85%
Power requirements 115/230 V, 60/50 Hz, up to 90 VA
Size Width: 33.5 cm, depth: 40.5 cm, height: 17 cm
Weight: 9 kg