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Stemi 508 – Greenough Stereo Microscope

Greenough Stereo Microscope with 8:1 Zoom

Thanks to apochromatic optics you acquire high contrast images with color accuracy. With the 8:1 zoom you bring up smallest details. Stemi 508 offers an ergonomic viewing angle of 35° – stay relaxed even after hours of work.


  • Get crisp 3D images
  • Made for heavy workloads
  • Created for your tasks
Type of Microscope   Stereo microscope, Greenough design 
Design Principle  Two zoom systems, tilted by the stereo angle
Stereoscopic View  Threedimensional observation through eyepieces 
Apochromatic Corrected Zoom and Front Optics  Image free of color fringes in complete magnification range 
Optical Data Basic System (Eyepieces 10×, No Front Optics)   
Magnification Range  6.3× – 50×
Free Working Distance  92 mm
Maximum Resolution  Test slide: 225 Lp/mm 

Resolving power (Rayleigh criterion) g = 4.4 µm 

Smallest Object Structure g/2 = 2.2 µm

Maximum Object Field Diameter  36.8 mm
Optical Data with Interchangeable Optics (Eyepieces, Front Optics)  
Accessible Magnification Range 1.9× – 250×    
Free Working Distances 35 – 287 mm    
Maximum Resolution Test slide: 450 Lp/mm  Resolving power (Rayleigh criterion) g = 2.2 µm  Smallest Object Structure g/2 = 1.1 µm
Maximum Object Field Diameter 122.7 mm    
Microscope Bodies Stemi 508, Stemi 508 doc and Stemi 508 trino microscope bodies (incl. eyepieces 10x/23 and dust protection glass)
Manual Zoom, Zoom Range 8:1 (0.63×…5.0×) 
Quality of Zoom Optics Distortion free, excellent contrast, apochromatic corrected
Parfocality of Zoom Optics Object remains focused while zooming
Ergonomic Viewing Angle 35°
Adjustment of Interocular Distance 55 – 75 mm
Zoom Click Stops 10 Click Stop positions can be activated by choice: (End Stop 0.63×), 0.65x, 0.8×, 1×, 1.25×, 1.6×, 2×, 2.5×, 3.2×, 4×, 5×
Maximum Field Number 23 mm
Documentation Features Stemi 508 doc Photoport with 100 % switch between right eyepath and camera, incl. interchangeable 60N c-mount camera adapter 0,5×
Documentation Features Stemi 508 trino Photoport with 50/50 % permanent split between right eyepath and camera, incl. interchangeable 60N c-mount camera adapter 0,5×
Interfaces to Adapt  
Front Optics and Dust Protection Glass M50 × 0.75
Pol Analyzer (to Front Optics, Dust Prot. Glass) M49 × 0.75
Eyepieces d = 30 mm
Stemi Mounts d = 76 mm
Illuminators d = 53 mm; Illuminators d = 66 mm via clamp ring d53/66 (optional)