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Stemi 305 – Compact Stereo Microscope

Your Compact Stereo Microscope with 5:1 Zoom

Stemi 305 is your compact, easy-to-use stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom. Everything is integrated: long-living LED illumination for reflected and transmitted light and documentation, too.

  • All-in-one microscope
  • Perfectly illuminate your sample
  • Easily document your results
Type of Microscope Stereo microscope, Greenough design
Design Principle Two zoom systems, tilted by the stereo angle
Stereoscopic View Three-dimensional observation through eyepieces
Optical Data Basic System (Eyepieces 10×, No Front Optics) 
Magnification Range 8× – 40×
Free Working Distance 110 mm
Maximum Resolution 200 Lp/mm – 2.5 µm
Maximum Object Field Diameter  29 mm
Optical Data with Interchangeable Optics (Eyepieces, Front Optics)
Accessible Magnification Range 4× – 200×
Free Working Distances 43 – 185 mm
Maximum Resolution 400 Lp/mm – 1.25 μm
Maximum Object Field Diameter 58 mm
Microscope Bodies
Manual Zoom, Zoom Range  5:1 (0.8× – 4.0×)
Quality of Zoom Optics  Low distortion, crisp in contrast
Parfocality of Zoom Optics Object remains focused while zooming
Viewing Angle  45°
Adjustment of Interocular Distance 55 – 75 mm
Zoom Click Stops Five positions: 0.8×, 1×, 2×, 3×, 4×
Maximum Field Number  23 mm
Integrated near Vertical LED Illumination Integrated in each Stemi 305 microscope body, powered by stands H EDU/LAB/MAT or controller K LED, illumination angle 10° towards optical axis
Documentation Features Stemi 305 trino Photoport with 50/50 split to the left, integrated camera adapter 0.5×, c-mount interface
Documentation Features Stemi 305 cam Integrated 1.2 Megapixel Wi-Fi camera, wireless transmission of image signal*
Interfaces (*Please ask your local contact for approval in your country.)
Front Optics and Polarization Analyzer  M52
Eyepieces d = 30 mm
Stemi Mounts d = 76 mm
Illuminators d = 66 mm
Each Microscope Body incl. Eyepieces 10×/23 Br. Foc and Spiral Cable RJ12