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Primo Star iLED – Fluorescence Microscope

Observe microbiological structures

Primo Star iLED is your recommended microscope to visualize structures smaller than 0.5 µm with LED fluorescence excitation and transmitted-light brightfield illumination such as the rod-shaped bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Mycobacterium tuberculosis comes with a size of 2 – 4 µm in lengths and 0.2 – 0.5 µm in width.


Based on experiences in the WHO Supranational Reference Laboratory of Tuberculosis, Gauting, Germany, tuberculosis may whether analyzed with Ziehl-Neelsen-staining or fluorescence excitation, e.g. Auramine O.

  • Simply switch between fluorescence and brightfield illumination
  • Use the battery pack for operation without a main power supply
  • Benefit from special price offers for countries most affected by the disease

Dimensions (width × depth × height)

Stand with reflected fluorescent illumination Approx. 190 × 410 × 449 mm
Primo Star iLED Approx. 9.6 kg
Ambient Conditions
Transportation (in packaging)

Permissible ambient temperature

–40°C to +70°C

Permissible ambient temperature

Permissible relative humidity (without condensation)

+10 °C to +40 °C

Max. 75% at 35 °C


Permissible ambient temperature

Permissible relative humidity (without condensation) Atmospheric pressure

+10 °C to +40 °C

Max. 75% at 35 °C

800 hPa to 1,060 hPa

Technical Specifications

Protection class II
Protection type IP20
Electrical safety According to DIN EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1) and in accordance with CSA and UL standards
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category II
Radio interference suppression According to DIN EN 61326-1 and DIN EN 61326-2-6
Power supply 100 to 240 V (±10%), thanks to its worldwide power supply unit, the voltage does not have to be adjusted
Power frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 70 VA; secondary voltage from external 12 V power supply unit
Output of the plug-in power supply unit 12 V DC; max. 2.5 A
Microscope 12 V/6 V DC Adjustable 1.5 V to 6 V
LED hazard class of entire device 2, pursuant to DIN EN 62471
Light Sources
Halogen Lamp

Light source adjustment range

Color temperature at 6 V

Luminous power

Average life

Illuminated area

HAL 6 V, 30 W

Fully adjustable between 1.5 V and 6 V DC

2,800 K

280 lumens

1,000 hours

1.5 × 3 mm

LED Illumination

Constant color temperature, independent of brightness from

Homogeneous image field illumination

Suitable for objectives with magnifications from

Analog brightness adjustment from

White-light LED, peak wavelength 440 nm, LED hazard group 1 according to DIN EN 62471 (low risk) 3,200 K

20 mm diameter

4× to 100×

Approx. 15 to 100%

LED Module (reflected fluorescent illumination) Max. 40 mW, 365 – 625 nm; LED hazard group 2 according to DIN EN 62471
Battery Supply unit (accessory)
Rechargeable battery



Number of battery supply units

Fuses according to IEC 127 T4.0 A/H

D cell – standard commercially available, NiCd or NiMH with 1.2 V

At least 5,000 to max. 9,000 mAh Five items

Operating duration Several hours, depending on the capacity of the batteries

Optical and Mechanical Data

Stand with stage focus Using rough adjustment

Using fine adjustment

Total travel

45 mm/rev

0.5 mm/rev

15 mm

Switching objectives Manually using four-way objective revolver
Objectives Range of infinite focus objectives with W 0.8 screw thread

With visual field number 18

With visual field number 20

30 mm diameter

PL 10× / 18 Br. foc.

PL 10× / 20 Br. foc.

Object stage

Dimensions (width × depth)

Range of adjustment (width × depth)

Coaxial drive


Object holder

XY stage, 75 × 30 right/left

140 × 135 mm

75 × 30 mm

Optionally right or left

Can be read off from left

With spring lever left

Abbe condenser 0.9/1.25; fixed Köhler For Vobj 4× to 100×
Abbe condenser 0.9/1.25; full Köhler For Vobj 4× to 100×
Binocular Tube 30°/20

Maximum field of view

Eyepiece distance (pupil distance)

Viewing angle

Viewing height

Visual output


Adjustable from 48 to 75 mm


380 to 415 mm

Tube factor 1×

Binocular Camera Tube 30°/20

Maximum field of view

Eyepiece distance (pupil distance)

Viewing angle

Viewing height

Visual output

Photo/video output

Fixed split


Adjustable from 48 to 75 mm


380 to 415 mm

Tube factor 1×

Tube factor 1×, interface 60 mm

50% vis/50% doc

Illuminating mirror With flat surface and spherical surface with f’ = 75 mm

An antifungal treatment is applied to all optical components to prevent fungal growths.