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P-6 / P-12 – Multivapor

Efficient evaporation for multiple samples

Perform efficient evaporation for multiple samples with Multivapor P-6 / P-12. Speed up your sample evaporation by processing a number of samples simultaneously. With its ease of use, the Multivapor™ maximizes the efficiency of your process.

  • Evaporation to dryness:up to 12 samples in parallel
  • Rotation range:0 – 485 rpm
  • Temperature range:20 – 95 °C

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Improve your efficiency by parallel processing of up to 12 samples in many different solvent volumes and sample sizes. Maximize sample throughput with a fraction collector that is integrated in the Multivapor™ for effcient evaporation for multiple samples.

Easy handling

Easily operate the Multivapor P-6 / P-12 thanks to adjustable and reproducible parameter settings. Full visibility of the samples during the evaporation process shortens your reaction times and improves your understanding of the process. Optimize any manual work by handling samples easily with the sample transfer rack.

High process integration

Choose from our wide variety of adapters to easily use your existing glassware with the Multivapor P-6 / P-12. Adapt the system perfectly to your needs by using the flexible rack replacement (6 or 12 samples). If you are also working with the BUCHI SpeedExtractor, then the possibility to use the same vessels optimizes your sample transfer.

Characteristics Multivapor™ P-6 Multivapor™ P-12
Number of samples 6 12
Maximum temperature 95°C 95°C
Minimum temperature 20°C 20°C

485 rpm

485 rpm

Meeting the demands of your industry

Our latest parallel evaporation instruments are truly modern industry solutions. Increased automation and the ability to process multiple samples in parallel increases efficiency, accuracy, safety, and limits repetition. Designed with versatility and reliability in mind, both SyncorePlus and Multivapor™ are parallel evaporation workhorses that can fit into any workflow.

Academia / Education

For different applications in research as well as for academic education: Drying, Concentration, Solid phase extraction.


For every day’s routine application in quality control , as well as in research and development laboratories where many samples need to be prepared simultaneously: Drying, Concentration.


For parallel evaporation in quality control as well as in development of ingredients: Concentration.

Food / Beverage

For parallel evaporation in quality control as well as in development of ingredients: Concentration, Solid phase extraction.


For quality control in pharmaceutical industry and in the development of new components: Drying, Concentration, Solid phase extraction.

Environmental Analysis

For a fast and efficient sample concentration in order to monitor the pollution of the environment: Concentration, Solid phase extraction.