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FatExtractor E-500 – Extractor

The FatExtractor E-500 is designed for quick and compliant fat extraction. Readily adapt your FatExtractor E-500 to changing needs with the interchangeable glass assembly and execute extractions according to Soxhlet, Randall or Twisselmann.

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True Soxhlet

Soxhlet extraction is exhaustive and rugged and the principle remains as the mostly used and regulatorily demanded method for many sample matrices. We offer quick and compliant true Soxhlet with the cost-efficient FatExtractor E-500. This method obliterates the need for time-consuming validation of other extraction methods deviating from the standard, while guaranteeing the most accurate analytical performance possible. Because of its reliability, Soxhlet extraction is also used as a reference method for NIR calibrations.

Soxhlet extraction made faster

The FatExtractor E-500 offers you reduced time-to-result and unprecedent sample throughput per day. How? Optical sensors, powerful heating and optimized glass assembly combined to substantially reduce your extraction times. An automated Soxhlet process enables you to reach unmatched speed compared to traditional glass assemblies.

Interchange between glass assemblies (SOX-HE-ECE)

Easily exchange glass assemblies that are compliant with Soxhlet, Randall (HE) and Twisselmann (ECE) for true versatility. The FatExtractor E-500 is not limited to one extraction method, but is adaptable to your changing needs. Profit from unrivalled quick extraction times and lowest solvent consumption during HE.

Dimension (W × D × H) 638 × 595 × 613 mm
Weight net 42 kg
Power consumption 1300 W
Connection voltage 100 – 240 V (+/- 10 % VAC)
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Solvent recovery > 90 %
Water consumption max. 1.7 L / min
  • Interchangeable glass assembly
  • Re-use your solvent
  • Adapt to sample size
  • Individual level sensors