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GELONEPACK – Complete 15 x 15 cm agarose gel documentation kit with gelONE

The ultimate all in one package for agarose gel electrophoresis, the gelONE workflow package simplifies routine agarose gels with its intuitive touchscreen interface.

The multiSUB choice gel tank is injection moulded to eliminate potential leaks, and each platinum electrode is recessed within a removable cassette for added protection from damage.

  • Everything you need to go from gel casting to image quantification
  • Includes the stand-alone gelONE imaging system with built in touch screen
  • multiSUB Choice agarose gel tank is the perfect size for routine separations or gel extraction
  • Includes reagent kit with agarose, DNA ladder and safe DNA stain
  • Acquisition and analysis software included license free
  • Product Includes: gelONE System with UVT, 230V/50Hz, Europe, UV to Blue Light converter Size 21x26cm, for safe dyes, multiSUB Choice Trio, 15×7, 10 & 15 cm Tray, UV Flourescent Ruler, 15 cm UV Gel Scoop, Agarose 100g, 1Kb PLUS DNA ladder, 250-10Kp, 1x500ul vial, runSAFE SAFE DNA stain – Package: 1 ml/vial, Cleaver Buffer Tris-Acetate EDTA Running Buffer 50 x 1L, PowerPRO 300 Power Supply, 300V, 700mA, 150W