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CHEMIPROXS – Western Blot Imaging System

  • High resolution, high sensitivity camera for outstanding blot images
  • Small Lab footprint
  • Motor driven stage with autofocus
  • F/0.95 motor driven lens
  • RGB and IR Lighting Module options
  • Aquisition and analysis software license free

The chemiPRO XS is our high end, low footprint chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging system. With a footprint of only 40 x 52 cm it will fit in even the smallest labs. chemiPRO XS features two options for high resolution CCD cameras of 6 or 9 native megapixels with an effective resolution up to 27 megapixels. Both cameras benefit from -57°C Peltier cooling and a f0.95 lens with motorised 7 position filter wheel to allow for multiplexing. The chemiPRO XS camera is a true 16-bit sensor, giving 65,536 grey levels for the largest possible dynamic range, making quantification more precise.

The chemiPRO XS stage is fully motorised, allowing zoom and focus to be controlled by the included genePIX software. Overhead white lighting is included as standard for gel/blot placement. Lighting options include UV and blue light transilluminators, as well as full RGB and Infrared high-intensity LED modules for multiplexed fluorescent blots.

Applications include:

  • Chemiluminescence
  • Western blots
  • Fluorescent gels or blots stained With Qdots, dylight, alexa Fluor, Cy dyes, and li-Cor ir dyes
  • Stain-Free gels
  • Bioluminescence
  • Plant imaging
  • In vivo imaging
  • agarose gels stained with EtBr or ‘safe’ stains
  • 2d gels

Product Includes: chemiPRO Imaging System XS, UV filter, Instruction manual and Software USB