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EZEE Rubypro – Protein Staining Kit

  • High purity dye: > 98%
  • Optimal signal to background ratio
  • Strong, uniform and reproducible signal from 0.2ng to 10ng protein
  • Fast staining protocol (220 min)
  • Convenient: ready to use kit – fixing and de-staining solutions included in the kit
  • Mass spectrometry compatible

EZEE RubyPro is a ready to use kit for rapid and sensitive protein staining of 1D and 2D SDS PAGE gels. It enables high contrast and optimal visualization and quantitation of proteins. The staining procedure is a simple 220 minute, three step protocol. The fluorescent stain involves simple dye-binding mechanisms rather than chemical reactions that could alter protein functional groups. Thus, downstream applications are not affected and after staining, proteins can be analyzed by mass spectrometry directly. The dye has optimal excitation at 302 and 470 nm, with maximum emission at approximately 610 nm. EZEE RubyPro can be excited with UV-light transilluminator, 405, 445, 473-488 nm laser sources or 470nm blue LED light source


  • EZEE Rubypro protein staining kit: Regent A 250ml & Reagent B 500ml
  • EZEE Rubypro protein staining kit: Regent A 50ml & Reagent B 100ml