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UVITEC Alliance Q9 – Chemiluminescence Imager

  • UVITEC newest high-end imaging platform, offering the highest levels of sensitivity on the market.
  • 18 megapixels native resolution-60°C camera cooling
  • Fully automated system and optics
  • Super wide F/0.8 aperture

Boasting the highest optics specs and sensitivity on the market, and based on plug-and-play technology, Alliance Q9 Advanced is an exclusive one-of-its-kind imaging platform, tailored to your applications and requirements.


  • Make it your own: configure your Q9 by picking the modules you need according to your applications set, and stop paying extra for parts you don’t use.
  • Upgrade at any time: transilluminators, filters, Chromapure fluorescence… all our modules are plug-and-play and embeddable in seconds.
  • Tailored epi-fluorescence: choose the wavelength(s) you need from UV, Green, Blue, Red/NIR, IR and deep-IR and build your own Chromapure modules.
  • A filter for every single one of your applications: choose from up to 17 emission filters according to your samples and dyes.
  • Embedded confocal disc for fluorescence applications: redirecting light to reduce background, boost sensitivity and deliver clearer images.
  • Femtogram level detection: wide F/0.90 lens aperture, camera cooling up to -71°C, 4.8 OD… Take benefit of the best camera specs on the market.
  • Take benefit of a huge resolution of up to 18-mpx to turn your samples into beautiful, sharp images. Universal .tiff format saved.
  • Use default acquisition protocols or create, modify and customize your own as you please.
  • Get perfectly-exposed pictures in no time with the fully-auto ‘one-touch’ acquisition mode.
  • ‘Uvipure’ patented technology available on transilluminator for even sharper images of all your safe-stained gels.
  • 100% license-free software for acquisition/editing/analysis. Unlimited users. Free lifetime upgrades when available.


  • Chemiluminescence & Bioluminescence (Westerns, dot blots, Luciferase…) IR-RGB Fluorescence & Multiplexing (Alexa, Cy, LiCor, Fluorescent Proteins…) DNA/RNA gels & Safe stains (EtBr, SYBR, GelGreen, GelRed, SYPRO…) Colorimetric & Protein gels (Coomassie, Silver, Cooper…) Colonies (Petri Dish) & visible imaging, X-ray films, RGB Fluorescence (with Chroma module)


  • 1D quantification, normalization, automatic molecular weight

Product Includes: UVITEC Alliance Q9 Imager and Analysis softare