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Axiovert 5 – Inverted Microscope for Materials Lab and Smart Documentation

Produce high quality images of large and heavy samples effortlessly with ZEISS Axiovert. Let the system take care of selecting the settings. Achieve consistently well illuminated and sharp images. Use all standard contrasting techniques in reflected or transmitted light. With Axiovert 5, you don’t even need a PC to view and document images – just connect with a monitor and save directly to a USB device. Increase productivity by opting for automation features.

  • Discover Smart Microscopy. Focus. Snap. Done.
  • Extend throughput with powerful digital documentation.
  • Work comfortably all day using the ergonomic operating concept.
  • Select the manual Axiovert 5 with smart microscopy for fast and reliable results.
  • Decide on the motorized Axiovert 7 for higher demands on workflow automation.

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Focus. Snap. Done.

Axiovert is a smart microscope, delivering excellent results with fast time to image.

  • Simply focus and press the single Snap button to save a high-quality image of your material sample.
  • Save time and effort and change your samples without needing to refocus.
  • Just place the sample on the stage, focus once and stay in focus for further samples, even when changing magnification.

All Your Needs are Covered

Axiovert makes your routine tasks easier and more convenient. Extend your capabilities and throughput with additional features, e.g. on automation.

  • With a wide range of classic and advanced contrast methods such as C-DIC (circular differential interference contrast), you can examine even large and heavy samples with stability.
  • If lab space is limited, use Axiovert 5 in standalone mode without the PC. Control the microscope via the OSD (On Screen Display) menu. No extra computer or software is needed, and you can save your images directly to a USB device.
  • The motorized Z-focus and motorized XY stage make Axiovert 7 your candidate for even more workflow automation and advanced imaging.

Work Comfortably All Day

Axiovert is designed to make everyday operations as comfortable and convenient as possible.

  • Handle your microscope efficiently and relaxed – benefit from the ergonomic arrangement of controls such as the focus drive, stage drive, light manager and image capture.
  • The light manager provides uniform brightness at all magnifications, eliminating manual adjustments to the lamp intensity when you’re changing objectives.
  • Let the system take care of optimal settings for image acquisition whilst you focus on your results.