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ARL™ EQUINOX 1000 – X-ray Diffractometer

Experience real-time measurement in a simple yet powerful benchtop XRD analyzer with the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 1000 X-ray Diffractometer. Designed for QA applications and routine X-ray diffraction studies, this high power XRD instrument offers maintenance free, simplified operation while providing high resolution performance. The operating conditions are saved in the software; at the end of experiment an analysis report summarizes operating conditions and tasks completed. With a 30 position auto sampler, the EQUINOX 1000 X-ray Diffractometer can be run in a batch mode and unattended.

  • Unique EQUINOX curved detector measures all diffraction peaks simultaneously across a wide angular range. Analysis is completed in just a few minutes on most samples regardless of resolution requirements.
  • Measures the whole 2 theta range simultaneously and in real time, no scanning required.
  • Available sample holders include a spinning sample holder for reflection and transmission mode, a capillary sample holder for transmission mode, an automatic 6 or 30 position sample changer, and a small thin layer attachment.
  • Applications: Research, Environment, Geology, Mining, Cement, Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Education.