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CQM Flex – Coal Analyzer

When real-time knowledge of coal quality is critical, coal-fired power plants and coal producers can rely on the Thermo Scientific™ CQM FLEX (Coal Quality Manager FLEX) Analyzer. The CQM Flex can incorporate an electrically-driven neutron generator, or Californium (252Cf) as its source of neutrons to meet the needs of various application requirements. The CQM FLEX measures and reports levels of sulfur, moisture, total ash, calorific value, ash elemental concentration, and other critical parameters required by both coal consumers and producers to maximize the use of coal resources and reduce pollutants.

The CQM FLEX is a second generation analyzer developed from the original, highly successful and accurate CQM. This full-featured analyzer offers many advantages:

  • Neutron sourcing from traditional 252Cf radioactive source, or by an electrically driven neutron generator which can be used to measure elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in addition to ash constituents. The analyzer can be configured to switch between these neutron sources during the lifetime of the analyzer.
  • Fixed geometry analysis zone, designed to provide best performance and repeatability while negating adverse effects such as loading variations, belt tracking, belt composition etc. normally associated with over belt type analyzers.
  • Real time, online analysis using prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technology to proactively address process variations and ensure more consistent coal blends and improved fuel quality
  • Direct measurement of calorific value by analysis of carbon, sulfur, hydrogen and oxygen concentrations
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions due to improved boiler efficiencies
  • Addresses coal quality issues in applications including load outs, truck and rail receipted coal using auger samplers, and specifically at power plants for “as received” and “as fired” coal applications.
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use operator interface provides extensive data analysis capabilities.