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SFE 25L/ 50L/ 100L – Supercritical fluid machine 25L/ 50L/ 100L

The 25L, 50L, 100L capacity supercritical extractor is designed to realize the production of natural products.

Extraction technology with supercritical CO2 helps essential oils to have higher quality because the extraction process does not use heat like other methods, the extraction time is fast, so the composition of the active ingredients is less changed. Essential oils retain their natural flavors and ingredients.

Supercritical extraction machine using technology using carbon dioxide in supercritical state to extract essential oils is a method that is being strongly developed because of a number of advantages such as using a non-toxic CO2 solvent, low cost, and low cost. Removes quickly because CO2 solvents when at pressure will usually evaporate leaving essential oils without leaving toxic residues like in classical solvents.
  • Wide range for process (0-350bar / 0-150°C / 0-150kg/h or 0-300kg/h).
  • Maximum productivity.
  • Easy/quick operation.
  • Low CO2 consumption.
  • Full automation
  • CO2 Pump Flow rate varies from 0 to 150 Kg/h (SFE 25L and SFE 2x25L).
  • The flow rate varies from 0 to 300 Kg/h (SFE 50L and SFE 2x50L).
  • Pressure varies from 0 to 350 bar.
  • Pre-Heater Electric preheater before the extractor.
  • Filling tank Heated extraction vessel (25L / 50L) with extraction basket.
  • One extraction vessel: 25L or 50L.
  • Two extraction vessels: 2x25L or 2x50L working in series or parallel.
  • Two cyclonic separators For extraction/collection of CO2 extracts and recycling.
  • Automatic pressure control: Back pressure regulator for pressure control.
  • Operational display and control: Full automation with user-friendly formulas and overviews.
  • Flow rate solvent booster pump up to 30L/h at 350 bar
  • Maximum pressure: up to 1000 bar
  • Fractional extraction: Separation of wax in the first separator.
  • Separation of light oil in the second separator
  • 3rd Separator: To keep the lightest and most volatile compounds.
  • Filtration: Absorber in the recycling ring to keep the lightest and volatile particles.