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Sepiatec SFC Systems

The green standard for fast compound isolation

Sepiatec SFC systems were designed for preparative separations by SFC chromatography and are extremely easy to use. They take less space than expected to satisfy any requirements, from basic to complex tasks,  on a small or large scale.

Easy to handle

With Sepiatec SFC systems, BUCHI makes preparative separations by SFC chromatography usable for everyone. The instruments have been specifically designed with a focus on ease of use, thanks to several key features.

Space saving

Space is a precious commodity in every lab. Sepiatec SFC systems are the most compact on the market, allowing for the optimal use of valuable space without compromising quality and efficiency.

Highest flexibility

The needs of the chemist vary depending on the application. The comprehensive Sepiatec SFC instrument portfolio supports flexibility in a number of ways.