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Porcine Detection Kit

The Agilent Porcine Detection Kit has two components: a DNA Isolation Module and a qPCR Kit. The Porcine Detection Kit contains reagents and materials for the extraction and isolation of DNA from food samples and other materials, including gel caps, as well as the subsequent qPCR amplification and detection of porcine DNA down to 300fg.

Because isolated DNA may contain contaminants that inhibit PCR, the qPCR kit amplifies and detects two distinct targets in a single reaction: a porcine-specific DNA sequence and an external DNA control that enables detection of PCR inhibition.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Multiplex detection of porcine specific DNA and Alien DNA control
DNA Isolation Module, with spin cup protocol
qPCR assay to detect nucleic acids of Porcine origin
No interference from Alien assay
Dye Compatibility: SYBR FAM
Primary Sample Type: Derived from food
Process Format: qPCR
Technique: qPCR
Thermal Cycler Type: Any