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miRNA qPCR Detection Reagents

Agilent miRNA qPCR Detection Reagents are high-specificity reagents for the polyadenylation of microRNAs (miRNAs) from total RNA. The miRNA qPCR Detection Reagents also enable the synthesis of first-strand cDNA from the tailed miRNAs.

The reagent kit includes miRNA Specific Forward Primers and all necessary microRNA qPCR MM Detection Reagents for accurate analysis. Highly sensitive detection down to ten copies is enabled, and miRNA that differs by even a single nucleotide can be identified.

  • Fast and accurate detection of mature miRNA.
  • Differentiate miRNA that differ by just a single nucleotide for enhanced sensitivity.
  • Sensitive detection down to 10 copies is enabled.
  • Rapid scanning performance is ensured, with highly accurate results in as little as three hours.
  • Includes all necessary miRNA Specific Forward Primers.

Dye Compatibility: Eva Green
Primary Sample Type: Any
Process Format: qPCR
Technique: qPCR
Thermal Cycler Type: Any