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EMnetik – PCR Cleanup & Isolated Plasmid

The EMnetik system can perform PCR purification and other enzymatic reactions and isolate plasmids from bacteria.
  • Make 1-24 samples at once
  • Perform PCR purification in less than 16 minutes
  • The amount of DNA obtained is at least 80% with a DNA purity of (260/280) > 1.7 and (260/230) > 1.8
  • Choose elution volume from 20 L to 50 L

Benefits of the EMnetik System
• Turnaround time ~2x faster than column PCR cleanup (16 min vs 30 min)
•> 80% recovery (comparable to column PCR cleanup kits)
• Significantly fewer touchpoints
– <50 touch points vs 300 for columns for PCR cleanup
– No need to process small columns or use a single-channel pipette
– Move samples from the thermograph or filtrate to the EMnetik 24 microparticle processor and do not move them again until final elution
• 4-7 g plasmid recovery for a high replicative plasmid
• Intuitive user interface eliminates guesswork by providing clear step-by-step instructions

Parameter Describe
Size 17.15 cm W x 31.50 cm D x 17.02 cm H
6.75 in W x 12.40 in D x 6.70 in H
Mass 3.24 kg
7.15 lbs
Kit EMnetik PCR Cleanup Kit: 500 preps for a 50 L . reaction

EMnetik Plasmid Puriication Kit: 96 prep

Expiry date: 9 months from production

Noise: < 52dBA during operation

Power requirements EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY RATE Input: AC voltage range from 100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz, 10A

Output: 24V DC, 9.2A