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HistoCore AUTOCUT – Automated Rotary Microtome

A Microtome Unlike any Other

Do you struggle to meet the needs of EVERY microtomist in your lab? Finally, there is a solution designed to give your users the freedom they desire: HistoCore AUTOCUT. The new generation of microtomes from Leica Biosystems is built upon our 145+ year heritage of market-leading microtome design. It allows users to select among automated, semi auto-automated, or manual sectioning modes based their personal preferences.

  • Safety First with the Automatic Electronic Brake

As soon as you pause the automated sectioning function, the Electronic Brake kicks in immediately to return and hold the specimen in the safest position away from the blade. This helps to minimize injury to the operator when handling the specimen.

  • Antistatic Waste Tray (Brush Included)

With the Antistatic Waste Tray, AUTOCUT helps you keep your workplace clean, efficient, and debris-free. The tray is made from antistatic material which prevents paraffin waste from sticking to the walls. It provides unmatched efficiency by reducing your cleaning time from minutes to seconds.

  • Put (Almost) Anything on Top of your Microtome!

Our new models feature 40% more surface area on top of the microtome (23.5cm W x 27.5cm L, vs. 21.7cm W x 21.2cm L on the RM22xx series) so you can store the tools you need for your job – brushes, blades, wipes, and more.

  • Precision-Orientation System

Always get back to a 0-position home on the microtome, regardless of how you (or another tech) have changed the instrument’s orientation.

  • Force Balance System

Minimize the risk of injury to the operator or specimen by an unbalanced object head.


Type: Motorized
Nominal Supply Voltage: 100 / 120 / 230 / 240 V AC
Nominal Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption: 100 VA
Protection Class: I
Power Fuses: 2 x T 3.15 AL, 250V
Pollution Degree: 2
Overvoltage Category: II
Maximum Heat Emission: 340 J/s
Operating Temperature Range:
+18°C to +35°C
Temperature Range During Storage: +5°C to +50°C
Relative Humidity During Operation: 20% to Max. 80% Non-Condensing
Relative Humidity During Storage: 10% to Max. 85% Non-Condensing

Microtome Performance Specs

In Manual Sectioning Mode: 5 – 100 µm (in 5 µm increments); can be turned off
In Motorized Sectioning Mode: Speed-Dependent; can be turned off
Horizontal: ± 8°
Vertical: ± 8°
Range: 0.5 – 100 µm
Setting Values: 0.5 – 5 µm (in 0.5 µm increments)
5 – 20 µm (in 1 µm increments)
20 – 60 µm (in 5 µm increments)
60 – 100 µm (in 10 µm increments)
Range: 1 – 600 µm
Setting Values: 1 – 10 µm (in 1 µm increments)
10 – 20 µm (in 2 µm increments)
20 – 50 µm (in 5 µm increments)
50 – 100 µm (in 10 µm increments)
100 – 600 µm (in 50 µm increments)