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HistoCore PEGASUS Plus – Tissue Processor

Gain high confidence in your results

Give every tissue type and size the treatment it deserves. Establish a workflow that meets the demands of your laboratory without compromises on tissue quality.
The HistoCore PEGASUS Plus tissue processor enables you to run multiple protocols in parallel on a single instrument, ensuring optimal conditions for all tissue types without slowing down your laboratory.

  • Don’t Compromise On Tissue Quality
  • TRACK. TRACE. CAPTURE. 100% of your cassettes.
  • Reagent Monitoring Helps Protecting The Tissue
  • Optimize Your Workflow with Leica Paraffin
  • Maximize Your Processing with ActivFlo Cassettes


Dimensions (W x D x H): 804 x 715 x 1533 mm
Weight (Instrument Only): 235 kg
Weight (Including Reagents): 315 kg
Number of reagent containers: 17 reagent bottles, 1 condensate bottle
Maximum bottle volume: Max. 3.88 L
Number of paraffin baths: 4
Capacity: Max. 3.9 L per paraffin bath
Melting time: max. 7 hours an ambient temperature of 23°C-25°C
Temperature settings range: Paraffin Melting Point setting: 50°C-65°C
Standby temperature setting: Paraffin Melting Point +1°C and max. 71°C
Capacity: max. 2×200 cassettes
Temperature (paraffin): Paraffin temperature selectable from 58°C to 85°C
Temperature (processing reagents): Ambient temperature or 35°C-65°C
Temperature (cleaning reagents): 35°C -85°C
Filling vacuum: -60 kPa
Draining pressure: 45 kPa


Operating Voltage: 100-120VAC/220-240VAC
Mains Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 100-120VAC 15A Max; 220-240VAC 10A Max
Local/remote alarm relay: 30V DC, maximum 1A