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Leica CV5030 – Fully Automated Glass Coverslipper

The Leica CV5030 fully automated glass coverslipper produces slides with superb optical quality for reliable long-term storage.

Its capability of handling a large variety of slide racks from different suppliers makes the Leica CV5030 very flexible. Most common mounting media, including xylene-free varieties, can be used.

The operator can choose between wet or dry coverslipping. The CV5030’s performance achieves three goals: Highly consistent and reliable coverslipping quality, full adaptation to individual laboratory set-ups, integration into staining/coverslipping workstations to form a fully automated, user-friendly operation system.

  • User-friendly operation

Can be used stand-alone or interfaced with the Leica ST5010 or ST5020 Stainers for user-friendly operation.

  • 300 coverslips at a rate

Coverslips at a rate of 300 slides per hour using standard microscope slides and glass coverslips of different sizes to increase productivity and efficiency in the lab.

  • Open system design

Through its open system design, a broad range of mountants can be used for the highest flexibility.

  • Added flexibility

The CV5030 can be used for different purposes at the same time, e.g. for histology and cytology for added flexibility.

  • Fume extraction system

The integrated fume extraction system with activated charcoal filter, produces lower concentrations of xylene or xylene substituts in the air, reducing exposure to hazardous fumes for laboratory personnel.

Width: 420 mm (14.27 in)
Depth: 600 mm (23.62 in)
Height: 550 mm (21.65 in)
Weight: 57 kg (125.5 lbs)
Slide throughput: 1 slide in 9 seconds
Volume mounting media bottle: 250 mL
Maximum filling volume: 200 mL
Relative humidity: max 80%, non-condensing