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Aperio GT 450 DX – Automated, High Capacity Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Fast-Forward to Next Generation Imaging

The Aperio GT 450 DX is designed to scale up digital pathology operations by increasing throughput in high volume clinical pathology laboratories. The system uses innovative colour calibration technology to output consistent high-quality images enabling on-time, on-screen diagnosis. Aperio GT450 DX is an automated, high capacity digital pathology slide scanner that offers exceptional image quality, rapid delivery of cases and high-performance streamlined digital viewing built with the pathologist in mind.

  • Improve case turnaround with no touch scanning and continuous loading of the racks directly from the HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation (Stainer & Coverslipper)
  • Increase IT security and control with a dedicated Scanner Administrator Manager DX (SAM) server and software that allows you to set up and monitor multiple Aperio GT 450 DX scanners at a time. No more single workstations for each scanner
  • Ensure excellent image quality with Leica optics

Fast and Easy to Operate for Histotechnicians

The Aperio GT 450 DX is simple to operate and helps histotechnicians deliver rapid results with confidence. Complete scanning quickly and easily so you can focus on other tasks in the lab: 15 racks of 30 slides (450 slides total) can be loaded directly from HistoCore SPECTRA CV Coverslipper into the GT 450 DX. The slides are then automatically scanned at 81 slides per hour at 40x for a 15mm x 15mm area.

  • No touch continuous loading during scanning
  • Automated IQ checks during each scan to ensure quality
  • Assign priority cases
  • Every slide is calibrated with each scan
  • 450 slide capacity packed into a small size fits on the lab bench
  • 99.5% accurate tissue finder that allows you to adjust if needed*
  • 100% first-time barcode scan success rate

Secure, Scalable Architecture for IT Professionals

The Aperio GT 450 DX offers fast, secure, and flexible IT architecture. A centralised SAM server and dedicated software provides you with a data management solution that can remotely set up and monitor multiple Aperio GT 450 DX scanners at a time.*

  • Comprehensive cyber security including encryption and login controls
  • centralised scanner management to set up and monitor multiple scanners
  • Two 10GB network connections on the SAM server
  • Scalable set up for hub and spoke configurations
  • Supports dedicated logins for each Aperio GT 450 DX scanner

Excellent Image Quality for Pathologists

The Aperio GT 450 DX uses a high=performance objective manufactured by Leica Microsystems, renowned for producing world class optics since 1849. This historic craftmanship is now built into the today’s Aperio GT 450 DX, which is designed to rapidly deliver images with exceptional quality for Pathologists.

  • Leica optics deliver exceptional image quality
  • Every slide is calibrated during scanning to ensure the best quality image
  • Automated image quality assessment so you don’t have to send slides back for re-scans
  • 99.5% accurate tissue finder finds faint tissue while excluding pen marks, dust, and residue
Maximum Slide Capacity 450
Rack capacity 15 racks of 30 slides, 15 racks of 20 slide
Racks Accepted: HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation (30-slide capacity) and Sakura Prisma Stainer and Coverslipper Rack (20-slide capacity) Yes
Continuous rack loading while scanning Yes
Priority rack scanning Yes
Magnification 40x
Resolution 0.26 μm/pixel at 40x
Scan speed (15mm x 15mm area at 40x) 32 sec
Sustained throughput (15mm x 15mm area at 40x) 81 slides/hr
Automated Image Quality Check Yes
Slide sizes accepted 1-inch x 3-inch (2.54 cm x 7.62 cm)
Field of View Objective (FOV) 1mm
Bar code engines 1D and 2D symbology
Dimension 20.8” (52.83 cm) W x 28” (71.12cm) D x 19.5” (49.53 cm) H
Weight 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Format SVS or DICOM