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HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation – Cell Staining System

Faster Workflows and Proven Consistency from Slides 1 to 1,600

Your time matters. Speed up slide processing while maintaining quality and consistency with the HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation, the only workstation that provides consistent staining from slides 1 to 1,600. It also offers the fastest glass coverslipping drying time on the market at only 5 minutes, processing slides that are instantly dry to the touch.

  • Work harder. Process up to 570 dried slides per hour so you can transport immediately and not delay diagnosis.
  • Improve efficiency by 20%. This solution provides the unique flexibility to process H&E and special stains simultaneously at high throughput in parallel with 52 stations.
  • Save time. By using specifically-designed consumables, users ensure consistent staining quality and reduce the number of manual corrective actions for coverslipped slides.
Instrument Dimensions, Hood Closed (W x D x H):
135.4 x 78.5 x 58.5 cm
(53.3 x 30.9 x 23.1 in)
Instrument Dimensions, Hood Open (W x D x H): 135.4 x 78.5 x 94.3 cm
(53.3 x 30.9 x 37.1 in)
Weight (Empty w/o Reagents and Accessories): 185 kg (407 lbs)
Net Weight (with Reagents): Approx. 220 kg (485 lbs)
Certifications: CE, c-CSA-us
Nominal Supply Voltages: 100 to 240V
Up to 330 H&E Slides per Hour
Capacity of Slide Rack: 30 (5 Slide Rack for Special Stains)
Reagent Cuvette Stations: 36
Cuvette Volume: 380 mL
Water Flow Cuvette Stations: 6
Stations in Input and Output Drawer: 5 Each, Continuous Loading Possible with Max. 150 Slides
Drying Oven Stations: 6


Instrument Dimensions, Hood Closed (W x D x H):
69 x 78.5 x 58.5 cm
(27.2x 30.9 x 23.1 in)
Instrument Dimensions, Hood Open (W x D x H): 69 x 78.5 x 94.3 cm
(27.2 x 30.9 x 37.1 in)
Weight (Empty w/o Reagents and Accessories): 110 kg (242 lbs)
Nominal Supply Voltages: 100 to 240 V AC +10%
Up to 570 slides per hour
Usable Specimen Slides: In Accordance with DIN ISO 8037/1 (76 mm x 26 mm)
Coverslip Quantity: 300 Coverslips per Magazine
Coverslip Size: 24 mm x 50 mm
Mounting Media: HistoCore SPECTRA CV X1, Xylene based
Specimen Slide Holders: 30 Specimen Slides
Staining Intensity:
S1 (Light to Moderate)
S2 (Moderate to Dark)
Capacity: 1,600 Slides
On-stainer Expiration 7 days
Staining component Volume: 380 mL/bottle
Staining System Components:
SPECTRA Hemalast
SPECTRA Hematoxylin
SPECTRA Differentiator
HistoCore SPECTRA CV Coverglass:
1 Case = 8 cartridges with 300 coverslips per cartridge
HistoCore SPECTRA CV X1 Mounting Media:
1 Case = 2 bottles with 150ml each
  • Routine & Special Staining with Dual Robotic Arms

Dual robotic arms and multiple reagent stations ensure each rack is stained efficiently. Users can process up to 330 slides per hour without compromising flexibility or lowering the turnaround time. In addition, the innovative design and 52 cuvette stations enable H&E and special stains to run simultaneously at a high throughput.

  • No External Oven Needed

For better specimen adherence to the glass slide, baking/drying is integrated into the staining process on the HistoCore SPECTRA ST with a built-in hot air oven that eliminates excess paraffin. No external oven or additional user interaction is required, and the oven can process up to six racks at the same time. That means faster turnaround times and quicker processing.

  • Precise Reagent Management and Cost Control with Unique Single Slide Counting

Have precise control over reagent conditions, and coordinate reagent exchange using RFID-monitored consumables, color-coded rack technology, and a unique slide counter. Together, these features minimize user errors, save time, control costs, and reduce waste in the lab.

  • Intuitive User Interface Minimizes Hands-On Time

The easy-to-use software of the HistoCore SPECTRA ST automatically calculates optimal bath layouts, eliminating manual steps. As a result, no hands-on interaction is needed, which helps improve lab efficiency

  • Reduced Errors with Protocol Autostart

The patented color-coded rack technology provides a clear visual distinction and automatically starts individual protocols when the racks are inserted. This reduces human error by making it easy to recognize and correctly allocate the racks and slides to their designated staining protocols.

  • Oversight and Control through Traceability
HistoCore SPECTRA H&E Staining System provide the clarity and consistency you expect. In addition, RFID technology enables you to accurately track reagent usage, slide volume, and maintain records.
  • Market-Leading Throughput and Drying Time

The first and only solution in the market with dual glass coverslip lines enabling the highest throughput: up to 570 dried slides per hour. With an integrated hot air drying oven, it achieves a drying time of only 5 minutes, providing the fastest turnaround time for your lab.

  • Boost Coverslipping Throughput and Efficiency

The dual and independent coverslip lines don’t just deliver the highest throughput, they also give users the flexibility to manually load slides in a continuous workflow. In addition, the coverslipper features an enhanced lay down mechanism, a smooth handling process (push method for coverslipping readiness), and validated ready-to-use consumables with RFID technology. These consumables include the HistoCore SPECTRA CV X1 rapid drying, xylene-based mounting media. An antioxidant is added to inhibit stain fading and prevent the formation of annual rings. It sets up quickly, allowing slide preparations to be handled immediately after mounting.

  • Large Workload Capacity

The 9-rack output drawer can handle a total capacity of 270 slides. That allows users to focus on the many other important tasks throughout the lab.

  • Never Worry about Broken Glass

The unique glass detection sensor automatically removes and transfers broken coverslips to better protect the safety of the user while handling slides and to help maintain the integrity of tissue specimens.

  • Capability to Handle Multiple Labels
The new coverslipping process supports smooth handling of different slide labels, providing flexibility you demand.