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trinamiX – Mobile NIR Spectroscopy

TrinamiX makes the invisible visible

TrinamiX has developed proprietary and patented infrared detectors which can see light in a wavelength range of up to 3 μm – a highly relevant region in the infrared spectrum.

TrinamiX IR sensors are very small and have a high detectivity and as such enable the creation of a powerful, miniaturized NIR spectrometer: a ‘lab in the pocket’.

Handheld device

Farm to fork Just point to the object you want to scan and push the button. It’s that easy. The device sends the infrared signal to the object and the light reflects back.

Cloud-based data analysis

The collected information is wirelessly transferred to the trinamiX cloud and processed with our chemometrics algorithms powered by state-of-the-art machine learning technology. For all our applications we carefully prepare an actionable result


Within seconds, the actionable result appears in your app on Android, iOS or Windows. This result helps you to make better-informed decisions.

Customer Portal

Access and navigate through your measurement history from anywhere at any time within the customer portal. You can download your results, visualize the spectral information or access all collected data in one spot.

Spectroscopic specifications
Spectral range 1450 – 2450 nm
Spectral resolution 1 % of wavelength, e.g. 15 nm at 1500 nm
Wavelength reproducibility +/- 0.20 nm
Wavelength repeatability < 0.05 nm
Signal to Noise Ratio >5.000 per spectral resolution element
Optical Components
Detector 256 pixel PbS line array detector
Lamp Module 6 Tungsten halogen lamps
Lifetime > 100.000 scans (typically)
Replaceable by user
Sample interface Scratch resistant sapphire window
Physical specifications
Dimensions 152 mm x 84 mm x 42mm
Weight 570g
IP Class IP65 dust- and waterproof (splash and jet water)
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature 0 °C – 40 °C
0 °C – 30°C for charging
Storage temperature -20 °C – 60 °C
Air humidity (non-condensing) 20 % – 80 % (operation)/ 20 % – 90 % (storage).
Height above sea level ≤2000 m
Type of use Indoor and outdoor (operation), indoor (charging)
Electrical specifications
Power Input (for charging) USB PD with 15 VDC, max. 2.75 A via USB type C connector
USB-Connection (for stationary use) USB 2.0 communication via USB Type C connector
Wireless connection (for handheld use) Wireless connection (for handheld use) Wireless low energy via integrated antenna
Type Type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Number of scans per battery charge > 6.000
Norminal voltage 11.1 V
Nominal capacity 2600 mAh
Charging current 1300 mA
Transport classification UN class: 9
UN number: 3480, Lithium-Ion Battery
Energy of battery: <100 Wh
Radio Frequency Module
Type Type Würth Proteus-I AMB2621 / 2608011024000
Frequency range 2.44 GHz
Max. output power Typ. -2 dBm, max. 0 dBm

Feed analysis

Gaining transparency on the quality and nutrient composition of feed is key when addressing livestock requirements. TrinamiX equips feed millers, nutritionists, and farmers with a powerful tool for flexible on-site feed analysis.

  • Quality checks of ingredients and raw materials processed at feed mills and integrators
  • Precise formulation of diets on the farm
  • Constant monitoring of feed and raw materials at farms

Food & Beverage

We all want to eat healthy for ourselves and our families, as well as reducing the amount of wasted food due to spoilage and have overall greater transparency about our groceries.

Addressing these needs, trinamiX gives everyone in the food and beverage industry instantly-accessible information on freshness, ripeness and nutrients of any food sample to help optimize processes and product quality.

This helps to establish more efficient processes, customer satisfaction and to increase profitability and sustainability. The applications include evaluating the quality of incoming highly-perishable goods – such as oils, fish, vegetable and fruits – or while they remain in storage and on supermarket shelves. In addition, trinamiX offers the possibility to evaluate the nutrient level at any time along the production chain.

Pharma & Chemistry

trinamiX provides industrial manufacturers with the possibility to obtain fast and easy answers to their most pressing challenges: product and process safety, obtaining highest efficiency and better sustainability.

trinamiX Mobile Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solutions provide information such as type, quality or degree of degradation of solids and liquids. Easy product differentiation helps to prevent counterfeiting. Fast recognition of product mix-ups in the production process enable optimized waste streams and time-effective analyses to prevent production down times.

trinamiX provides all this information via our online cloud and supports faster and better decisions to meet the needs of industrial production and increase overall profitability.