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Mini-tau – Spectrometer

The Mini-tau is an ultra-compact, low cost, filter-based dedicated fluorescence lifetime spectrometer. Using the Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) technique, the Mini-tau can measure fluorescence lifetimes ranging from 25 ps to 10 μs*. It can also be equipped with Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS) electronics for long-range photoluminescence from 10 ns to 10 s.

Whether you need to measure fluorescence lifetimes of time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy for research, quality assurance or teaching applications, the Mini-tau is the ideal all-inclusive, fully-integrated solution. The Mini-tau measures fluorescence lifetimes after numerical reconvolution based on the established Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm.

  • Ultra compact filter-based fluorescence lifetime spectrometer
  • Short Lifetimes ranging from 25 ps to 10 μs
  • MCS Option for lifetimes from 10 ns to 10 s
  • Integrated electronics with repetition rates up to 100 MHz
  • Ultra-fast blue or red sensitive single photon counting PMT for ultimate sensitivity
  • Fully comprehensive data acquisition and analysis