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timsTOF Ultra

Unleash 4D-Proteomics™ with the timsTOF Ultra – the ultimate fusion of trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) with quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) technology.

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Unmatched sensitivity with timsTOF Ultra and CaptiveSpray Ultra

Discover the extraordinary capabilities of the timsTOF Ultra mass spectrometer and CaptiveSpray Ultra ion source for groundbreaking omics research. With their combined force, they unleash unparalleled sensitivity, allowing you to conquer samples, detect low-abundance peptides, and make groundbreaking discoveries.

Unlock the hidden secrets: From minute samples to unseen peptides
The timsTOF Ultra and CaptiveSpray Ultra offer a formidable alliance that unlocks hidden secrets in minute samples and unseen peptides. Through the exceptional power of PASEF® acquisition, you can delve into the depths of low-abundance peptides and reveal previously undiscovered information. The incorporation of trapped ion mobility separation eliminates the need for chemical tagging, making the identification of novel peptides effortless. With these advancements, the timsTOF Ultra empowers researchers to redefine what is possible within their labs.

Break boundaries
The timsTOF Ultra transcends conventional limitations, opening doors to new scientific possibilities. Whether it’s single cell proteomics, immunopeptidomics, or plasma proteomics, this instrument delivers unmatched speed and sensitivity. By harnessing the capabilities of the timsTOF Ultra, researchers can push the boundaries of their work and achieve groundbreaking results.

Ultra sensitivity
TIMS PASEF® mode parallelization captures ions with near 100% efficiency, delivering exceptional sensitivity and unparalleled proteome depth at 300 Hz speeds.
Maximum ion transfer
CaptiveSpray Ultra (CSI Ultra) ionization creates a vortex for optimal ion transfer.
Enhanced specificity
MOMA (Mobility Offset, Mass Aligned) allows identification and separation of co-eluting isobaric mass-to-charge ions in the mobility domain, increasing clarity and confidence.
Increased confidence
Confidence with low S/N peptide identification derived from CCS-Enabled TIMScore™, TIMS DIA-NN 4D-Proteomics™ or using Spectronaut 18 software to identify more than 5500 proteins and over 56000 peptides from just 125 pg in 22-min gradients.

Illuminate cells with precision: single cell proteomics

Embark on a groundbreaking journey into the realm of single cell proteomics with the remarkable timsTOF Ultra. Unlock unprecedented insights into the intricate phenotypes of diverse cells, courtesy of its robust and highly sensitive mass spectrometry capabilities. Delve into the complexities of diseases, unravel the enigmas of the cell microenvironment, trace cell-to-cell communication, and revolutionize therapeutic advancements.

Experience the power of timsTOF Ultra
With the timsTOF Ultra, robust and highly sensitive mass spectrometry becomes your indispensable tool for exploring phenotypes within heterogeneous cell environments. Unravel the secrets of cancers and shed light on other diseases with complementary information to single cell genomics and transcriptomics. Decipher heterogeneity to deepen your understanding of biological processes, cell-cell communication, and enhance therapeutic options.

Discover a new era of single cell proteomics
Unleash the full potential of single cell proteomics with timsTOF Ultra. Peer into cellular complexity like never before. Gain a comprehensive understanding of unique phenotypes within diverse cell populations, and revolutionize the perception of diseases and their underlying mechanisms.

Illuminate the path to progress
Propel your research by harnessing the power of advanced mass spectrometry, and drive transformative breakthroughs in proteomics with the timsTOF Ultra. Unlock cellular mysteries, transcend conventional understanding, and shape a future where improved therapies become a reality.

Witness cells in a whole new light. Revolutionize your approach to proteomics and unlock the secrets of cellular complexity for a brighter tomorrow.

The analysis of protein group and precursor identification rates in FFPE Mouse liver tissue
The analysis of protein group and precursor identification rates in FFPE mouse liver tissue, dissected by laser capture microdissection, with varying cell equivalents, demonstrating increased protein group abundance and correlation of protein abundance between different cell equivalents.

A powerhouse for molecular medicine: tackling single cell analysis in FFPE tissue

Looking to elevate your single cell analysis? Take on the challenge of analyzing single cells from FFPE tissue.

Discover the power of timsTOF Ultra in the realm of translational patient treatment. With its exceptional capabilities, timsTOF Ultra enables the precise mapping of FFPE tissue proteins to specific cancer regions, even with limited sample quantities. Experience the next-level performance of dia-PASEF® on the timsTOF Ultra, revolutionizing low-input tissue proteomics and becoming an essential solution for molecular medicine labs.

Unleash the potential of molecular medicine with timsTOF Ultra as your ally. Conquer the complexities of single cell analysis in FFPE tissue and embark on a transformative journey towards advancing patient care.

The analysis of protein group and precursor identification rates in FFPE Mouse liver tissue
The analysis of protein group and precursor identification rates in FFPE mouse liver tissue, dissected by laser capture microdissection, with varying cell equivalents, demonstrating increased protein group abundance and correlation of protein abundance between different cell equivalents.

Unleashing the potential of TIMS and PASEF®-based metaproteomics in microbiome research

Microbial communities play a crucial role in planetary health, impacting the well-being of humans, animals, and plants, and driving interventions for acute and global issues. As microbiome research expands and influences legislation, economics, and societal behavior, it is essential to go beyond taxonomical characterization and delve into the functional dynamics and environmental interactions of these communities. Metaproteomics has emerged as a powerful approach to gaining this understanding.

Discover the advantages:

  • Unparalleled peptide and protein identification: Utilize the ion mobility dimension of TIMS and PASEF® to identify and quantify an unprecedented number of peptides and proteins in the mouse gut microbiome and host with exceptional accuracy (CV <20%).
  • Comprehensive taxonomical and functional profiling: Achieve profiling depths that rival or surpass commonly used genomic approaches, enabling comprehensive insights into both the taxonomical and functional aspects of microbial communities.
  • Sensitivity and efficiency: Experience remarkable sensitivity gains, allowing analysis with minimal sample amounts, while accelerated analysis using short gradients is made possible by the incredible speed of PASEF®.
Metaproteomics data
(A) Rat feces samples were measured on the timsTOF Ultra with varying injection amounts and gradient lengths. Data was analyzed to show the total number of identified species as well as KEGG Pathways. (B) 5 orders of magnitude sensitivity with very high reproducibility throughout. Data generated and analyzed by Feng Xian, Christoph Krisp and David Gómez-Varela.

Advancing plasma proteomics with higher flow rates

Plasma proteomics plays a vital role in disease diagnosis and therapy, offering a comprehensive view of the proteome. To enable reliable identification and monitoring of biomarkers in large cohort studies, it is essential to leverage population-wide screening technologies. The integration of robust µ-flow and normal flow chromatography with timsTOF Ultra, powered by VIP-HESI, provides an unparalleled combination of robustness, speed, reproducibility, sensitivity, and sample throughput.

Key features:

  • Robust electrospray technology enables up to 5000 LC/MS runs, providing exceptional longevity.
  • Achieve 3x signal gain at a flow rate of 50 µL/min with the 50 µm sprayer, ensuring optimal sensitivity.
  • Effortlessly replace the standard VIP-HESI sprayer with a convenient drop-in replacement for seamless integration.
  • Experience efficient peptide detection and quantitation in under 10 minutes per sample with our 4D-Proteomics™ approach.
  • Benefit from increased column lifetime, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Elevate your plasma proteomics research with our advanced solution, optimized for higher flow rates. Benefit from exceptional robustness, sensitivity, and throughput, empowering you to unravel the complexities of plasma proteomes and accelerate discoveries in disease diagnosis and therapy.

Ultra-sensitive cellular lipidomics for unprecedented insights

The diagnostic potential of lipids and their crucial role in cellular processes have sparked a demand for next-generation sensitivity in lipidomics. Analyzing lipids at the cellular level enables detailed insights into cell heterogeneity, paving the way for breakthrough discoveries in single-cell biology, cancer pathology, and clinical research.

Experience unmatched analytical depth with the exceptional sensitivity of the timsTOF Ultra, combined with nano-flow chromatography using the Bruker nanoElute® 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra source. This powerful combination empowers researchers to delve into the intricate world of cellular lipidomics and unravel the complex relationships between lipids and cellular functions.


  • Comprehensive MS/MS coverage: Benefit from comprehensive MS/MS coverage from single injections using PASEF® acquisition, ensuring thorough exploration of lipid profiles.
  • Improved MS/MS spectral quality: Achieve superior MS/MS spectral quality through MOMA separation, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of lipid annotations.
  • Increased confidence with accurate CCS Values: Leverage the accurate Collision Cross Section (CCS) values obtained from TIMS, enhancing confidence in lipid identification and characterization.

Unlock the potential of cellular lipidomics with our ultra-sensitive solution. Gain unprecedented insights into lipid composition and function, revolutionizing your research in diverse fields such as single-cell biology, cancer pathology, and clinical investigations. Elevate your lipidomics studies to new heights of sensitivity and precision with the timsTOF Ultra and MetaboScape® and pave the way for transformative discoveries in lipid-related research.

timsTOF Ultra for single cell lipidomics
Use the timsTOF Ultra in combination with the nanoElute® 2 to dig into single cell lipidomics. Complement your proteomics results for more complete characterization.