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SmartFreezer® EVO – Freezer for The Storage of Biological Sample

  • SmartFreezer® EVO is the innovative solution in cryobiology
  • It is a fully automated robotic system for preservation of biological samples (liquid nitrogenvapuor phase) at cryogenic temperatures (-180 °C)
  • Entirely developes and builtin Italy, it is the best choice for biobanks, hospitals, as well as pharmaceutial market for highest biomaterial sample requirements.
  • Certificated as Medical Device according to EU Directive 93/42/EEC

Fully automated storage and retrieval

  • The cherry picking concept guarantees no exposure of other specimens than the appropriate one.
  • Pneumatic gripper (grip inside/outside cryotube cap)
  • Storage/retrieval in less than 20 sec/cryotube of the desired sample

Temperature control

  • Sample storage in the vapour phase of LN2
  • Avoid samples freezing and thawing processes
  • Thermal rack to be precooled as to prevent samples thawing
  • Loading/unloading up to eight cryotubes in one batch


  • Touch screen interface
  • Easy integration of external LIMS systems
  • Open access to Ontology systems
  • Automatic sample tracking of historical data
  • Connection with external PC possible


  • No operator exposure to LN2
  • Separation between storage volume and automation cabinet
  • Icefree protection on cryotubes. 8 additional operations to complete the load/unload process
  • Access control: only authorized user are allowed to manage the system
  • Full traceability of complete sample history