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SideStep Lysis & Stabilization Buffer

Our SideStep Lysis and Stabilization Buffer ensures accurate gene expression analysis by eliminating sample loss and degradation. The proprietary buffer lyses cells and immediately stabilizes the released nucleic acid for months. Several formats are available to enhance research versatility.

Following a 10 minute room temperature lysis step, you can go directly from cells to qPCR amplification without stopping to purify. Advanced screening saves time and money by selecting the best RNA samples for purification. In addition, with a slight protocol modification the buffer can easily be used for detecting miRNA in cell lysates.

  • Save time and money by purifying only the most relevant samples after efficiently screening.
  • RNA is stabilized for at least six months to allow sample archival.
  • Multiple product formats offer maximum choice and flexibility.
  • Eliminate sample loss and degradation for more accurate gene expression analysis.
  • The product lyses cells and then immediately stabilizes the released nucleic acid.
  • Configure the buffer to detect miRNA in cell lysates with a simple protocol modification.