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Metrios 6 – Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Fully automated, high-productivity semiconductor metrology workflows

The Thermo Scientific Metrios 6 (S)TEM is a new-generation, fully automated metrology solution with enhanced productivity and data quality for high-volume TEM metrology. Featuring newly designed hardware and machine-learning-based capabilities, the Metrios 6 (S)TEM offers a 20% productivity improvement on average compared to previous-generation solutions.

The Metrios 6 (S)TEM includes the new Smart Stage, the Ultra-X EDS detector, the high-brightness X-CFEG source option, and Smart Automation software. This combination provides improved productivity with data integrity, fast elemental analysis, and recipe-free automation for scalable lab operations and resource optimization.

Increased productivity and data integrity

Higher sample throughput is enabled by the newly redesigned Smart Stage and the new Ultra-X EDS detection system. These features provide an approximate 15% TEM metrology performance increase and 2x faster EDS elemental analysis. The Smart Stage supports fully automated sample loading and precise navigation to the region of interest (ROI). The new constant power lenses enable high-tension switching in less than 20 minutes, increasing tool availability.

Fast elemental analysis

The Metrios 6 (S)TEM with the Ultra-X EDS detector brings a new level of EDS detection to high-throughput solutions. The advanced Ultra-X EDS detector provides a 4.45 srad solid angle, delivering at least 2x greater data collection efficiency than the previous generation of detectors. This enables collection of data in less time while preserving the integrity of beam-sensitive samples. In addition to these capabilities, Ultra-X unlocks new EDS analysis opportunities with the cleanest EDS spectra, (<1% spurious peaks).

Recipe-free automation for (S)TEM metrology

Recipe-free, full automation utilizes machine-learning algorithms to substantially reduce automation set-up time for each new process or sample type to provide ease-of-use and scalability. Application-specific Smart Automation supports a variety of semiconductor device types, such as gate-all-around (GAA), DRAM, and 3D NAND. The new web-based segmenter and object detection algorithm provide 50x faster model training on device structures. Additionally, Smart Automation is extensible to meet future advanced semiconductor R&D and manufacturing requirements.

Yield Ramp and Metrology

Improving semiconductor yield and accelerating production ramp can be challenging. The increasing 3D complexity of semiconductor devices is generating unprecedented demand for high-quality TEM metrology data. The Metrios 6 (S)TEM features state-of-the-art hardware and machine-learning-based automation software for reference metrology and process monitoring. This solution is designed to help semiconductor labs increase sample throughput and high-volume data acquisition to increase productivity and accelerate time-to-yield.

Physical and Chemical Characterization

Developing modern semiconductor devices requires physical, structural, and elemental characterization on atomic-scale defects with special consideration for electron-beam-sensitive materials. The Metrios 6 (S)TEM supports flexible imaging and characterization workflows for accurate root cause analysis and faster process development. Working on beam-sensitive materials depends on enhanced data collection efficiency and minimum electron-beam exposure to preserve data integrity. The Metrios 6 (S)TEM features the Ultra-X EDS detection system and fast high-tension switching for fast physical and elemental characterization of semiconductor devices.

Memory Device Metrology and Analysis

Manufacturing advanced memory devices, such as 3D NAND and DRAM, requires high-volume, precision TEM metrology on small, critical dimensions hidden in high-aspect-ratio structures. With fully automated workflows, the Metrios 6 (S)TEM delivers high-productivity, high-quality reference metrology and defect analysis for advanced memory device structures.

  • Five-axis, piezo-driven Smart Stage with minimum XYZ step size of ≤20 pm
  • Ultra-X detector provides high-sensitivity, windowless EDS detection with high solid angle and high cleanliness.
  • Three-lens condenser system with indicators for convergence angle and size of the illuminated area, allowing for quantitative measurement of electron dose and illumination conditions
  • The S-CORR probe corrector provides sub-Ångström imaging resolution at 60 kV as specification and an order of magnitude improvement in optical stability
  • The S-CORR corrector simultaneously corrects A5 for all accelerating voltages
  • Flexible, high-tension range of 60–200 kV
  • Choice of ultra-stable, high-brightness Schottky field emission gun (X-FEG) or ultra-high-brightness cold field emission gun (X-CFEG) with an energy resolution of <0.4 eV
  • Smart Automation software allows setup of new automation routines in <4 hours for selected workflows
  • Alpha-tilt under-goniometer software control; tilt range ±40 degrees for high-accuracy double-tilt holder
  • EDS quantification using Thermo Scientific Velox Software, featuring dynamic correction of holder shadowing as a function of tilt
  • New high-accuracy double-tilt holder designed for Smart Stage
  • Guaranteed TEM and STEM mode metrology accuracy, less than 0.75% combined error in distortion and magnification calibration