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Leica CM1520 – Cryostat

Value-priced cryostat for routine histology and Mohs surgery

The Leica CM1520 cryostat provides for Leica sectioning quality at a budget price, making it an attractive option for applications such as Mohs surgery.

When sectioning frozen specimens for Mohs surgery, getting reproducible sections within a short time is crucial. The Leica CM1520 cryostat gives you the confidence to consistently produce quality sections.

  • Consistently produce quality sections

The Leica Biosystems precision microtome helps you to get quality sections consistently. To provide easy cleaning and maintenance, the microtome is encapsulated.

  • Fast and easy specimen orientation

The object head orientation, with zero-position centering, allows you to mount the specimen at the desired angle for sectioning. Its easy handling helps you accomplish your sectioning work in time.

  • Staying organized and staying focused

The Leica CM1520 cryostat provides you with designated storage shelves for samples, object holders, tools and an easily accessible ambient temperature storage on top of the instrument. Staying organized helps you staying focused on the sectioning job at hand.

  • Easy to learn and easy to remember

Single function keys and easily readable LED displays provide all relevant functions literally at the “push of one button”. No need to scroll through multiple long menus

Width (with handwheel): 730 mm (28.7 in)
Depth: 25 mm or 27 mm
Height: 1140 mm (44.8 in)
Weight (including microtome, without specimen coding): Approx. 135 kg (298 lbs)
Section thickness selection: 2 – 60 µm
Total specimen feed: 25 mm
Vertical specimen stroke: 59 mm
Maximum specimen speed: 55 x 55 mm or 50 x 80mm