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ebro TFI 260 – Infrared Thermometer

The ebro TFI 260 Infrared Thermometer is for fast and accurate 8-point non-contact surface temperature testing.

Ideal for food and beverage inspection, the ebro TFI 260 infrared (IR) thermometer measures surface temperatures using infrared technology with an 8-point laser.
Bright backlit display allows readings of measured values ​​even in dark environments. The measuring handle and buttons are optimized for the application.

The TFI 260 infrared (IR) thermometer from ebro is perfect for food and beverage testing. Non-contact temperature measurement of perfectly marked areas with the 8-point laser light.

  • Measure non-infectious surfaces in 1s.
  • The measuring point is marked with an 8-point laser arranged in a circle.
  • Backlit display allows reading in dark environments.
  • Wide measuring range -60 °C to +550 °C
  • Includes calibration certificate
ebro TFI 260  
Measuring range -60 °C … +550 °C (-76 °F… 1022 °F)
Accuracy ±2 °C + 0.05 °C each °C below 0 °C
(at -60 °C … 0 °C)
±2 °C (at 0 °C … +15 °C)
±1.5 °C ( at +15 °C … +35 °C)
±2 °C or 2%, same with larger values
​​(at +35 °C … +550 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Certifications Calibration certificate from the manufacturer.
Response time 1 second
Radiation coefficient 0.95 fi xed
Distance ratio : measuring area 12:1
The battery 2 x AAA (Microphone)
Battery life Adjustable in Steps of 1 °C
Shell material ABS
Protection class IP 20
Size 115 x 162 x 40 mm
Mass 179 g (including battery)