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DTG 300i – 3 Stations Tablet Disintegration Testing

Controlled via our intuitive touchscreen interface, the DTGi 300i disintegration tester supports up to three basket rack assemblies. The user-friendly design makes assessing disintegration characteristics a simple touch-of-a-button task.

  • Ph. Eur. and USP and compliant
  • Integrated, precision temperature control and measurement
  • Single-point electronic temperature calibration
  • Intuitive touchscreen control to simplify operation
  • Extensive data reporting output options: RS 232, USB A and USB B
  • Adjustable stroke frequency control for accelerated or high sensitivity testing
  • Option to automate and remotely control DTGi systems
Catalogue Number: 1233
Pharmacopoeial Compliance: Ph. Eur. 2.9.1

USP <701> and <2040>

Number of Test Stations: 3
Tablet Capacity: 18
Independent Station Control: No
Unit Dimensions (w x d x h): 700 x 473 x 657 mm