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FRV 200i – Tablet Friability Testing

Based on an original design by Roche, the Copley FRVi Series friability tester is an established standard within the pharmaceutical industry. Equipped with advanced design features, ranging from convenient sample loading and unloading to an integrated friability calculator, the FRVi Series streamlines the workflow associated with routine friability testing.

The FRV 200i supports up to two friability and/or abrasion drums.

Providing highly reproducible, cost-efficient friability testing for all tablet types, the FRVi series and Friabimat testers from Copley allow analysts to easily characterise the critical tendency of tablets to chip, crumble or break.

  • Ph. Eur. and USP compliant
  • Intuitive touchscreen control to simplify operation
  • Integrated calculation of % tablet weight loss
  • Built-in 10° angling device for larger tablets
  • Convenient drum emptying function
  • Extensive data output options: RS 232, USB A and USB B
Catalogue Number: 1432
Pharmacopoeial Compliance: Ph. Eur. 2.9.7
USP <1216>
Number of Drums: Up to 2
Tablet Types: Uncoated
Unit Dimensions (w x d x h): 407 x 343 x 325 mm (with drums)