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BMEVO51586G – Ultra Low Temperature -86°C, Evolution 515L, Natural Gas

  • 100 years of experience and taking on board customer feedback have led our R&D team to offer you a range of ultra performance ULT Freezers. Safety, innovation and performance have been at the heart of our strategy of development and design of our devices.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified production site

  • Sample security: The Evolution freezer has been designed and optimised for daily use with frequent door openings.
  • Freezer performance: Priority has been given to fast temperature recovery without compromising the power consumption.
  • Product innovation: Real world experience and listening to our customers has led the development of the Evolution freezers. Several innovations have been patented.
  • Simplicity of maintenance and diagnosis: 12 LEDs facilitate real time monitoring of freezer status and allow for quick detection in the event of an alarm.

General Specifications

Raw volume 515 L
Storage capacity 36 000 cryotubes 2mL
Dimensions externals (H x W x D) 1640 x 875 x 970 mm / 64.6 x 38.2 x 34.5 in.

Internals (H x W x D) 1076 x 630 x 752 mm / 42.4 x 29.6 x 24.8 in.

Insulation 6 faces Vacuum insulation panel (VIP) and high density polyurethane foam Thermal conductivity < 0.005 W/m/K
Net weight 267 kg
Standard Equipment 2 shelves (maximum weight per shelf: 75 kg / 165 lb)

4 swivel casters

2 levelling feet Key lock (2 keys supplied)

Cable port on the back of the device

1 power cord, 2m long

Working temperature 18-32°C (65-89°F)
Noise levels 56 dB
Warranty • 2 years

• 5 years : fan, compressors, condenser

• 10 years : VIP insulation

Refrigeration system

Cooling engine 2 stage compressors cascade system with intermediate plate heat exchanger Cold production by 5 internal walls
Expansion device Capillary tube
Refrigerant load 1st stage : R417A / 2nd stage : R508B (non-flammable, without CFC and HCFC)*
Heat Rejection 4777 BTU/h
Defrosting method Manual with heated door-seal and heated valve pit

Electric and electronic data

Controller type Plug & play electronic regulator
Temperature probe 1 x Pt100 3 wires probe
List of alarm • Configurable high and low temperature and open door alarm

• Filter alarm, high pressure default, 24V battery back-up, BoSS system activated, CO2 / LN2 injection in progress

Type of alarm Visual (12 LED and pictograms) and acoustic alarms
Power 1500 W
Power Supply • Voltage 230V ~ +/-10%, 50 Hz, fuse protection «aM 12A»

• Voltage 110V ~ +/-10%, 50/60Hz, fuse protection «aM 20A»

• Voltage 220V ~ +/-10%, 60Hz, fuse protection «aM 12A»

Performances (ambient temperature : 22°C / 72°F)

Temperature range -60 to -86°C
Pull down from ambient to -86°C ~4 hours
Uniformity at -80°C +/- 5°C

Management interface

Interface Touch screen for easy navigation indicator with USB port for data collection
Menu • «Diagnostics» for real-time information about the freezer

• «Statistics» for an overview of the figures related to the conditions of use • «Eco» to minimize the power consumption

• «Infos» with serial number, gas load, BTU information

Security • Settings protected by password

• Key locked freezer

• Delay for compressors restarting after power outage