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BM 1000 – Under Bench Freezer -86°C, 1000L

  • Ultra Low Temperature BM 1000 Froilabo is widely used in the preservation of laboratory samples, fast cooling with high accuracy.
  • Ultra Low Temperature BM 1000 Froilabo has the maximum volume: 72,000 cryo tubes, providing standard 02 sample trays.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified production site

Maximum protection of the cooling system:

  • No oil separator and pressure relief tank (minimizing maintenance).
  • Common refrigerants: R417A and R508A (CFC and HCFC free)
  • Low operating pressure/limited pressure drop.
  • Low temperature return gas (<0°C) to the air compressor keeps them operating at low temperature (extends the life of the air compressor).
  • Maintenance can be done by cascade specialist.

Boss system for maximum sample protection:

  • Sample protection is effectively implemented in all cases, even in the event of a weak power supply/power failure.
  • The BoSS system for potential problems, will permanently attach the compressor, maintaining it generating deep negative temperatures.
  • Battery lasts 30 hours, then connects directly to the compressor’s power supply.
  • No emergency maintenance required, easy problem identification for engineers.
  • Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP)
  • Reduce power consumption by 15%.
  • 22% improvement in temperature rise in the event of a power failure Greater carrying capacity than the same model.
Unique performance:
  • Excellent temperature homogeneity <±3°C at -80°C/-112°F, stability ±1°C at -80°C/-112°F.
  • Cool quickly.
  • Quick temperature compensation after opening the door
  • BM 1000 deep freezer operating ambient temperature: from ambient temperature compensation to 35°C.