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BIOBALL® LUMINATE 2.0 – Standardized Strains for Food Applications

  • A new BIOBALL® LUMINATE 2.0 range is now available for food applications
  • BIOBALL® LUMINATE 2.0 are Green Fluorescent Protein Strains (GFP)

Tests (not limited to)

  • Positive Quality Control of detection methods
  • Verification of methods according to ISO 16140-3 (support available)

Confirmation tests for positive samples:

  • Rapid PCR confirmation using Invisible Sentinel® kit running on VERIFLOW® platform (GFP detection)
  • UV light for easy fluorescence confirmation

Benefits of Reference GFP Strains as positive control strains

By choosing positive control organisms that are easily distinguishable from sample isolates, e.g., genetically modified control strains (GFP), you can easily confirm a positive result versus a cross-contamination.

Ready-to-use format allows a precise level of inoculum which does not require any culture minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Requirement for Genetically Modified Strains (GMM)

BIOBALL® LUMINATE 2.0, may require an application for use and handling approval from the competent authority of the country/state.

  • The 100 cfu presentation allows single-shot or multi-shot use
  • Genetically modified microorganisms (GMM) tagged with a Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) marker, integrated into the chromosome of the host strain
  • Highly stable and highly fluorescent
  • Easy to distinguish from natural contaminants
  • GFP transfer between microorganisms highly improbable
  • Same characteristics and level of pathogenicity as the host strain (BSL2)
  • Certified Reference Materials  ISO:17034 (in progress)