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3P® SMART PLATES – Culture Media



Accuracy is essential when detecting contamination, it helps empower you to make smarter decisions, and to keep your products, employees, and consumers safe so your business stays compliant. So, when it comes to environmental monitoring, it is absolutely crucial to equip your site with state-of-the-art culture media — specifically designed for more definitive results, and has been re-engineered to trace itself.

The 3P®  legacy is one of delivering proven performance when it comes to effective pharmaceutical contamination control. Now it’s going digital.

With GS1 barcodes and LOCKSURE® lids that decrease risk of manual errors or accidents and bioMérieux’s new ultra-clear design that makes identifying and counting colonies easier through the lid, we can help keep you compliant and audit ready.


  • Compliance to regulations
  • Comprehensive range of chromogenic media
  • Extended shelf-life guaranteeingexcellent and consistent performances until the last day
  • Flexible storage conditions between 2-25°C
  • Growth Promotion testing conducted with 100+ microorganisms to include Yeast, Moulds, Bacilli, Cocci, Anaerobic bacteria and Wild (plant) Isolates
  • Isolator compatibility with VHP and PA decontamination
  • Monolot and large batch size
  • Secured transport and use with our unique LOCKSURE® system
  • 99,9% of the plate surface visible through the lid for optimized reading performance
  • GS1 barcode allowing to easily identify and track both samples and culture media