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Sieve analysis up to a 6 kg sample weight

The W.S. TYLER® RO-TAP® RX-94 for test sieves up to 203 mm diameter can be equipped with two sieve towers simultaneously. It copies the circular and tapping motion of hand sieving with a uniform mechanical movement.

Two in one go:

  • The analysis of two material samples can be carried out simultaneously
  • The sivieng of agglomerating bulk material is made possible
  • Simple operation through the sole input of the sieving time

The right test sieves for your application:

  • 12 normal or 26 half-height test sieves and 1 sieve pan with 203 mm (8″) or 200 mm diameter

Please note that the W.S. TYLER® RO-TAP® RX-94 does not meet the occupational safety requirements for a CE marking without a sound insulation cabinet. We therefore recommend a special sound insulation cabinet to reduce the sound emission.

Sieve Shaker
27 in.
8 in.
56 cm
75 cm
110 kg
20 μm
60 Hz
68 cm
26 in.
30 in.
242 lb.
99 min.