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SP 90 BVEHF – Climatic Chamber 90L

SP climatic chambers regulate the temperature between 10°C to 60°C and the relative humidity 10% to 95%. They can perform almost all temperature and humidity tests: drying, aging acceleration, stability testing and more.

  • 95 % maximum relative humidity
  • 540 L of maximum usable volume
  • 60 °C maximum

  • Intuitive Use: The SP climatic chambers are equipped with 2 independent regulators for simple use. The display makes it possible to simultaneously display the Temperature and % HR setpoint, as well as the actual Temperature and %HR.
  • Wide operating range: SP climatic chambers generate cold, heat, humidity and are equipped with an air dryer to cover the widest possible range of operation, to meet all needs.
  • Wide range of options All range of options is available to answer all the requests: choice of type of water supply (connected directly to your purified water network or via a manual feed tray), lighting, timer, etc.
Volume (net) 90L
Ext Dimension (WxDxH) 1190 x 830 x 520 mm
Int Dimension (WxDxH) 400 x 370 x 390 mm
Ext Construction Made of epoxy painted electrogalvanized sheet steel
Int Construction Stainless steel
Net weight 132kg
Standard construction Full door
Demineralized water supply by 10 liter tank
Wall passage diameter 35 mm
4 wheels including 2 self-locking
Shelves (450 X 322 mm) 2 anti-tipping stainless steel wire shelves as standard (max weight / shelf: 20 kg)
Working Temperature 10°C đến 60°C
Enviroment Not designed for use in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX)
Guarantee 2 năm
Heating system Heating by convection provided by a fan (neither conduction nor radiation)
Refrigeration system Refrigeration provided by a hermetic compressor air condenser
Refrigerant charge CFC-free and non-flammable refrigerant R452A
Moisture production Ultrasonic water vapor generator (rapid rise in humidity after door opening)
Nebulizer life 10000 giờ
Controller type Double electronic regulation by self-regulating PID. Real digital display and setpoint (at 1/10° for temperature)
Temperature probe Temperature measurement by PT100 Ohms probe
humidity sensor Relative humidity measurement by capacitive sensor
List of alarms Class 3.1 independent overtemperature thermostat
Visual alarm – high security
Types of alarms Visual
Energy Consumption 900W
Types of power supply 230 V single phase + T – 50 Hz
Temperature range 10°C TO 60°C
Adjustable humidity From 10 to 95% RH depending on the associated temperature
Long term stability +25°C / 60% HR. +30°C/ 65% HR
Accelerated aging +40°C / 75% HR
Intermediate condition +30°C / 60% HR
Long term stability +25°C / 40% HR
Accelerated aging +40°C / 25% HR