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BioBall® MultiShot

BioBall®is a small water soluble ball containing a precise number of microorganisms. Produced to the world’s highest quality standards and ISO Guide 34 accredited, it delivers unprecedented accuracy for Quantitative Microbiological Quality Control.


  • Culture media quality control
  • Positive control for quantitative Quality Control
  • Traditional and alternative methods validation
  • Accreditation compliance
  • Multi-laboratory standardization
  • Determining uncertainty of measurement
  • Proficiency schemes
  • Antimicrobial effectiveness testing
  • Little or no preparation time : a minimum number of steps
  • Easy to use : BioBall® dissolves instantly
  • Greater precisions with a known number of cfu
  • Consistent number of cfu batch to batch
  • Up to 24-month shelf life when stored frozen
  • Reduces risk of “Failed QC” due to robustness of ALL strains
  • Growth Promotion Testing and Validation
  • Sterility Assurance Testing
  • Calibrated microbial reference
  • No preparation time
  • Easy to use : BioBall dissolves instantly