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Atlas™ XRF – Standard Pellet Die

Atlas® XRF Standard Pellet Dies suitable for compacting powdered samples into discs or briquettes.

Key features

  • Hardened Stainless Steel
  • Highly polished pellets
  • Evacuable for sample pellet clarity and quality
  • Vacuum pump kit for moisture free pressing (optional)

Ordering information

Complete die sets
No evacuation port:
GS26104 40mm Atlas® Standard Die Set
GS26103 32mm Atlas® Standard Die Set
With evacuation port:
GS26102 40mm Atlas® Standard Die Set
GS26101 32mm Atlas® Standard Die Set

Spares and accessories
Die body (no evacuation port):
GS26114 40mm Atlas® Standard Die
GS26113 32mm Atlas® Standard Die
Die body (with evacuation port):
GS26112 40mm Atlas® Standard Die
GS26111 32mm Atlas® Standard Die
GS26122 Plunger for 40mm Standard Die
GS26121 Plunger for 32mm Standard Die

Internal pressing pellets (pair):
GS26132 40mm Stainless Steel
GS26134 40mm Tungsten Carbide
GS26131 32mm Stainless Steel
GS26133 32mm Tungsten Carbide
GS26141 Die base for 32mm & 40mm
GS26152 O-ring kit for 40mm Standard die
GS26151 O-ring kit for 32mm Standard die
GS26161 Extractor cap for 32mm and 40mm