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3000SL – Tensile Strength Tester (3000 kN)

The Model 3000SL is designed for tension, compression, flexure and shear strength testing on materials, assemblies and components. The robust design, quality materials and precision engineering ensure testing capability even at full load, day after day.

Tinius Olsen’s hydraulic testers have long been recognized as the standard for accuracy, dependability and versatility in universal testing machines. The many thousands of testers currently in use throughout the world attest to this fact. Now more than ever, the SL series represents the highest standard in hydraulically powered universal testing machines.


  • Suitable for tension, compression, transverse, shear and other tests to a maximum force of 3000kN/600,000lbf
  • Four-column rugged design underpins the frame stiffness and power
  • The unique friction-free piston operation gives exacting control of movement, even when it’s under constant speed, stress or strain
  • Two types of frame-hydraulic piston configuration: standard lower in base or upper above testing area
  • Optional user interfaces are available to support test productivity: tethered handheld, wireless and/or virtual through the test, control and reporting software
  • In-head pocket grips to accommodate flat or round tensile specimens
  • External grips and fixtures
  • Standard or extended height columns
  • Standard or extended height crosshead movement for positioning
  • Base unit above or below ground (pit mounted)
  • Standard or L-shaped workstation configuration
  • Full range of precision extensometers and deflectometers using video, laser, encoder, strain gauge and/or LVDT technologies
  • Furnaces and environmental chambers for tests at high or low temperatures
  • Safety enclosures with interlocks to protect operators from violent specimen breaks
  • Tinius Olsen’s Horizon control, analysis and reporting software on a single PC station and/or a PC station in network deployment