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Nano ZetaView®x30 – Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer

ZetaView ® is a nanoparticle tracking analyzer (NTA) for hydrodynamic particle size measurement, zeta potential, concentration and fluorescence. With the combination of next-generation laser precision for perfect illumination of the NTA channels and very short conversion times and intelligent software – prerequisites for dot quantification of biomarkers.

  • Size:  (W x D x H): 20 x 30 x 25cm
  • Weight: 8.5kg (main unit, PC and secondary monitor)
  • Standard shipping box:

Main machine: 51 x 32 x 77cm; 16.9 kg to 18.5 kg *

Minimum screen 24”: 61 x 18 x 48cm; 7.42 kg

  • Power supply: 90-240V, 47-63Hz, 50VA


  1. NTA Scan: automatic measurement performed at 11 locations via the sampling cell, providing thorough and robust sample testing with no need for additional accessories
  2. Fixed assembly design: Significantly improved performance and fewer errors
  3. Auto-align and auto-focus: Auto-optimized software design saves users preparation time and eliminates subjective errors from users
  4. Fast measurements: Analyze over 2000 particles in 60 seconds
  5. Quick and simple cleaning: Cleaning between samples requires only a quick flush, new fixed cell design allows very quick access to the measuring cell with bayonet lock
  6. Intuitive software: The light system immediately shows whether the sample is at the right concentration for measurement and shows the dilution factor of the sample
  7. Compact all-in-one: Measure size, concentration, Zeta potential and fluorescence with one instrument. Compatible with data files and lab environments
  8. Fluorescence analysis: Fluorescence NTA measurements allow the examination of sub-particles in the sample. Sensitive CMOS camera, up to 11 filters and low bleaching efficiency for high fluorescence sensitivity
  9. No high-cost consumables: Only syringes and reference standards required for scattering and fluorescence measurements
  10. No calibration required: Dimensional measurements do not need to be calibrated as the method is absolute


  1. Biological nanoparticles: extracellular vesicles (EVs); exosomes; Liposomes & micelles; Synthetic proteins; Viruses and new generation vaccines -virus envelope vaccines (VLP); Transportation of drugs; fluorescently labeled nanoparticles (NPs)
  2. Low concentration samples: Nanobubbles, nanometers, quantum dots, tracking particles

Measurement principle:

  • Precisely fabricated motorized scanning NTA engine to track the movement of individually visualized nanoparticles in suspension
  • Real-time imaging of Brownian motion and electrophoretic mobility, for size, concentration and zeta potential measurements in scattering and fluorescence modes (model dependent)
  • Quick scan for routine acquisition and analysis of 2000 particles in less than 1 minute


  • Nanoparticles suspended in polar liquids (e.g. water, alcohol) to study size, concentration, fluorescence and zeta potential
  • Nanoparticles suspended in polar and organic solvents to study size, concentration and fluorescence

Colocalization  :

  • Locating two biomarkers plus a distributed channel

Size and concentration:

  • Concentration range: 105 – 109 particles/ml
  • Particle Size: 10nm – 2000nm (depends on sample & laser)
  • Accuracy: ±5nm (for 100nm polystyrene latex)
  • Reproducibility: ±2 nm (for 100 nm polystyrene latex)


  • Available laser wavelengths: 405nm, 488nm, 520nm, 640nm, 660nm at specific laser power >30 mW
  1. ZetaView ® MONO: Analysis of size, concentration, fluorescence, electrophoretic mobility and subpopulations of individual nanoparticles
  2. ZetaView ® TWIN: Color, size, concentration, zeta potential, and cluster analysis of individual particles in two different fluorescence channels
  3. ZetaView ® QUATT: For size, intensity, zeta potential and cluster analysis of individual seas in four different fluorescence channels